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07-03-2003 01:23am

Hey Stacy Im the 1st one to sign your guest book!!
- Stacey


08-31-2003 06:54pm

heyhey, I'm the second. *hugs*


09-01-2003 01:37pm

you like taking back sunday too???


09-01-2003 01:54pm

hey mind if i add u to my msn?


10-04-2003 05:09pm

growls at everyone else.... i may be the 4th person... but im still number one in your heart!

te he he.... db4l



12-07-2003 06:56pm

LBB! :)


12-22-2003 04:28pm

um... hello i am a random person you don't know just stopping by to say that you have an awesome taste in music... have a nice day.


12-30-2003 07:58pm

Hey Stacy,
lol. Got your name without an "e" in it. lol. Yeah...I dont know what to say. But your an interesting person lol. Have fun in life or whatever.


12-31-2003 07:55pm

Hey Stacy
I hope you had fun on New Year's least you went somewhere, lol. I'm just watching Pirates of the carribean with my brother, not so bad but hey..alright i'll catch ya later bye


03-21-2004 08:43pm

I'm signing your Guest Book because, well, you signed mine.

Plus, you ordered me to.

I enjoy reading your diary. A lot of what you say reflects what I'm thinking. And, well, I'm too much of a chicken shit to say what I think. So, keep on writing. ( ;

- Justine


03-22-2004 03:26pm

you are the coolest person alive, minus the coolest, insert gayest. ;)
haha..just kidding..except not. i love you. tru dat.


04-01-2004 01:37am

i wanted to be last.
im sure some dumb fuck "hiding from a tornado" may accidentally stumble upon your journal and trip and kick the "sign guestbook" button and out do me, as the last to sign.
but alas.
i love you.
forever. and after forever is over, a couple forevers more.

(and then the bar car it BITE me...)
<3 +michelle+

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