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User:fadingintoblue (user# 4354)
Name:beth/liz/lizabeth/all variants thereof
Location: evil suburb, New Jersey, United States
Bio:I'm fairly awkward, often boring, and I get freaked out whenever my hair starts to get longer than my chin. I'm a college student and the world's worst English major, as I frequently forget the words for such difficult items as bread.
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Interests:(36) arguing, being on time, BGLAD, books, burritos, camp, camp songs, Daria, duct tape, fantasy, feminism, folk music, Girl Scouts, girls, homoflexibility, jelly beans, kurt vonnegut, making stuff, people who don't cut in line, people who don't tell me i'm going to hell, philosophical conversations, poetry, politics, reading, short hair, singing, sprinkles, summer, suzanne vega, sweaters, tamora pierce, tea, thunderstorms, warmth, woods, writing
Created:2003-04-12 22:19:17
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