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:: 2008 7 November :: 8.54 pm

So I spent all the money... =X

Getting a credit card soon... $500 dollars

Putting it all in my bank of America account, its a bit in the neg right now cos I got my card. but it'll be fixed in 2 weeks or less...

This money is gonna be for emergencies and bills ONLY!!!

Yes... you heard me.... And paying my sister back for the furniture she got us.

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:: 2008 6 November :: 8.12 pm
:: Mood: full

Went to eat at steak n shake... it was good... I feel full though =(

OH!! I hope Wendy's call me!! I would love working there, I think... I hope.

Umm... Got 40$ hidden away for my phone bill... =X Need 60$ more to complete the first bill, after that it'll be less....

Okay, well, time to find random journals and make friends?

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:: 2008 6 November :: 12.16 pm

Let's see, made my journal look pretty... hope you all like it.

Made pancakes this morning, they were yummy... wanting to buy egg nog and make nogcakes? Yumm... I love egg nog, but it must be the silk kind... soy nog... sounds gross but oh so good!!

Gotta pay my electric today. Fun fun... bills= Blah.

Okay, so I may have a job at Wendy's, they are going to call me monday. Hopefully I'll get it!!

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:: 2008 6 November :: 8.25 pm
:: Mood: bored

so here is my first crappy entry. Glad i got a woohu found a code. YAY! Well lets see you can call me Chi. Time to watch anime!!!!!

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