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:: 2007 8 December :: 4.13 pm

You can just call me Shewanella, 'cause I shit the future.
Thats just freaking sweet.

I want my Nanotube power lines, and I want them now.

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:: 2007 6 December :: 1.21 am

"Oh when that ship left england, was heading for the shore,
The rich refused, to assoicate with the poor,
So they put the poor below, and they were the first to go,
It was sad when that grand ship went down."

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:: 2007 5 December :: 4.52 pm

This is not Me - Your wrong Gunny.
HAr Har.

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:: 2007 5 December :: 4.04 pm


Invintation code gone.

Need to use this one for somthign now.... hmmm..

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