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User:feastingonapete (user# 24257)
Location: Spring, Texas, United States
AOL IM:Feastingonapete [add buddy]
Friends:(4) bigty623, blondiegirl05, skife, squish322
Friend Of:(4) bigty623, blondiegirl05, skife, squish322
Interests:(43) 4chan, animals, boobs, bumping uglies, chicago, chomp nuggets, classic rock, cuddling, driving, gonna add more later., guitar hero, hanging out, haught secks, hugging, internet, IRC, killing hookers, kissing, mac and cheese, makeup, making stuff, metal, metalocalypse, music, naps, not being screwed over, pizza, pooh bear, PS2, rabid-duck, shopping, sleeping, sleeping in, snow, straight hair, that's what she said, the smell of rain, video games, walking, woohu, world of warcraft, your mom, your mom again
Created:2007-12-20 01:28:33
Last Update:01 29 2010
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