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:: 2005 13 September :: 3.40 pm

{Friends Only}

My journal is friends only. It`s likely that I will add you if you ask. Then again, I might not.

I will not add you if:

Your typing skills resemble the action of something falling on a keyboard
(i.e. LIeK tHiS iz sooooo KeWl?!?!?!).

You are generally trollish, otherwise known as "prejudiced". You need to be open-minded and empathetic if you're going to hang around here.

If you are guilty of:
~ stealing any of my icons or graphics that were made for me or by me ~
~ discussing the contents of my very private thoughts and feelings to others ~
~ flaming myself or others on my friends list, or in the communities I moderate ~


You must comment to be added.
You can add me forever, but I am not going to return the favour until you comment in this entry.
That is, unless I add you first, of course.

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