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User:firestarterfox (user# 24495)
Location: Sucaduc, Idaho, United States
Bio:My name is Whim because I do most things on a Whim. I'm a mom of a beautiful little girl named Annabell. I love my mom, but she's nuts, my step-dad is a stoner, my pa is an old grouch, my nana is greedy, my father is non-existant, my step-mother is a cheating skeleton, my sister is illiterate, my step-sister is also a mom, and that's about my family. I live in a little 2 bedroom apartment with my ex-Bryan, who still drives me nuts, and my boyfriend, James, who is like a light in the darkness to me and sexy as hell to boot. I don't have a job, but I'm searching and I may or may not be hired at WDSGlobal soon. Which, well the job sucks, but damn it's money. I'm in desperate need of money, like the rest of the world and I also have Chrone's Disease which is sorta like HIV.
Friends:(2) 14outtanone, reverendmeat
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Interests:(7) being a mom. I like learning., creating things, exploring places, I like drawing, reading, roleplaying stories, watching horror flicks
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