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User:fletz (user# 4481)
Name:Twin Castle City -- Legend of Dragoon Community
Information:Twin Castle City Fletz A Legend of Dragoon community, part of the Sister's Endiness community coalition. Mark your spoilers! If you want to advertise your LOD sites, post them ONCE and if seen, they may be added to a links section here in the future.

Moderated by: Garnet | Apply to moderate? Owned by: Garnet

Travel to: Aglis -- Magic City
Mayfil -- Death City
Kadessa -- Wingly Capital
Ulara -- Spring Breath Town
Seles -- Tragic Village
Deningrad -- Birth City
Zenebatos -- Law City
Members:(3) deleted, garnet, kairi
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Interests:(35) aglis, belzac, d spirit, damia, dart, deningrad, doneau, dragoon, dragoon spirit, endiness, fletz, kadessa, kongol, legend of dragoon, lod, magic, mayfil, meru, miranda, roleplaying, roleplaying games, rose, rouge, rpg, rpgs, seles, shana, shirley, sony, syuveil, syuviel, ulara, video games, zenebatos, zieg
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