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:: 2008 15 November :: 5.46 pm

i can hear what you're thinkin', all your doubts and fears.
and if you look in my eyes, in time, you'll find the reason i'm here.
in time all things shall pass away.
in time, you may come back some day - to live once more, or die once more.

but in time, your time will be no more.

you know your days are numbered. count 'em one by one
like notches in the handle of an outlaw's gun.
you can outrun the devil - if you try.
but you will never outrun the hands of time.

in time there will surely come a day,
in time all things shall pass away.
in time, you may come back some say.
to live once more, or die once more.

but in time, your time will be no more.

i can hear what you're thinkin'...

mate, it's easy to be angry. but to be angry at the right person, at the right time, for the right reason - that's the real challenge.

love wins.


:: 2008 12 November :: 1.41 pm
:: Mood: bouncy
:: Music: fall out boy - i don't care

but in the alley, it ain't that cheap.
i hate drama, but i hate having to be one of the stand-bys of a dramatic situation. it's nearly impossible to stay friends with both parties. i'm trying though. it's even more difficult when one won't tell you where they're gonna be that week and the other refuses to give you a means of communication with them.

i know how upset YOU are. i know how sorry YOU are. i'm just not allowed to open my mouth about it to the other person. wtf. i'm going insane.

oh and now i can't get ahold of either of these fuckers.

i swear they say one thing and turn around and change their minds within 5 sec. but i'd honestly rather deal with him than her now. sounds shitty to say but it's true and i have my reasons and you'll never know them.
unless you ask. in which case i'll tell you no. or yes. but probably no.

it's one of those situations where you know they love each other more than anything and you just KNOW you're supposed to be crashing the afterparty of their wedding, but they're both the most stubborn people i know. ever in the whole world. i've never seen either person more pathetic and fucked up when they are away from the other. but do they see any of this? nope.

they won't ever get over each other and will probably drink themselves into oblivion because neither of them can man-up and say what they need to.


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:: 2008 10 November :: 8.44 pm

it's all just part of the fairytale
i hate the people i live with and i'm pretty sure the people i want to live with just might hate me.

in other news, my knees feel like they are breaking.

back to you!

the weather is forecasted to be really dramatic with showers of china, glass, and peoples hurt feelings. dress appropriately.
also give your vehicle ample time to warm in the mornings

i hate responsibility
but love being cryptic

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