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:: 2003 9 September :: 3.12 pm
:: Mood: no mood
:: Music: reach 454

I like this quote.
"Tell me not in mornful numbers life is but an empty dream" ~ Henry Longfellow


:: 2003 9 September :: 2.36 pm
:: Mood: no mood
:: Music: none

I had a bad dream today. But a couple good things happened. Now it's bad stuff again.


:: 2003 8 September :: 9.31 pm
:: Mood: odd
:: Music: Boys of summer~the ataris

Mike skinner
Just a few moments ago I thought about how... whenever my brother goes out with his friends.... sarah (his wife) ALWAYS goes along. I don't think that's right. Just because they are married sarah thinks she has to keep a leash on him. I would let my husband or boyfriend or whatever I have go out with his friends I mean, it's outragous that well one would have to be glued to another for their own satisfaction.. that's sounded odd but anyways. I got back from band feeling upset in some way. Don't worry no need for you all to be concerned not that you ever show concern about me anyways but just thought I'd say I'm not doing this for sympathy. Just getting out I guess. The only thing I am looking forward to is Saturday and what stands in between is making me dread going through this week. I just.. I just don't want to. That's all.


:: 2003 7 September :: 10.02 pm
:: Mood: sad -.-
:: Music: none

I don't want to go through with it
I'm bored and jay just got offline... his computer is probably being "anal". So goodnight everyone... I can't wait till saturday!!! I am soo excited.


:: 2003 7 September :: 6.18 pm
:: Mood: Spectacular?
:: Music: none yet

My baby ^^
Well, I think that I am going to start updating more. To keep woohu thriving and to give other people something to do if they are bored. I rarely used this journal and I decided to because... I like it. Good reason isn't it? Thought so. Oddly enough I have nothing to write about. Friday, I want to greenville a couple times and saturday I went to jays ^^ (nice smiley isn't it?). Today I went to church and then I went to the festival out at st. Marys, ate some food... played a couple games. Fun fun...



:: 2003 30 August :: 3.41 pm

I felt like writing but I don't know what to write. This morning I cried. For some reason. I read something... that wasn't sad at all and I just started balling. I had a parade which was short and dumb and then I went to a wedding. It was nice. In a couple hours I'll be at the wedding reception. With my family. Yippy :|


:: 2003 23 June :: 9.59 am

Magic Number17
PersonalityRainy Day
TemperamentPussy Cat
Likely To WinAnother Gold Star
Me - In A WordEvil
Brought to you by MemeJack


:: 2003 22 June :: 9.27 pm
:: Mood: Content
:: Music: None

Deep Red and White
My heart aches. It feels wonderful. I want to cry, that also feels great. What a mixed up person I am to like this feeling, being alone. The beauty of it...silence. I see the sun setting as I write. Just looking at that and smelling the outdoors. It's nice. It makes me miss someone, someone special. Just to share a moment like this would be great, amazing even. I think I am happy but I am also sad. Everyone else is bringing me down. Nothing I do can make them happy.


:: 2003 14 May :: 10.04 pm

Wow.... I am actually happyright now... completely happy.. the only thing I would ask for is that I could not have school tomorrow... yep that's it.


:: 2003 22 March :: 9.44 pm
:: Music: beautiful~ christina aguilera

I just realized how closly my last journal entry in here told how I felt. I never thought I could put words to it and I did..almost...


:: 2003 6 March :: 5.49 pm
:: Mood: hearts racing
:: Music: Dashboard confessional~not sure which song

Neverending... avoiding life
Well, so much has happend. I felt like writing. I have actually been thinking a lot lately. Something that I mean to do, but never get around to it. So finally the procrastinator that I am I am writing. I read my past entrys in this journal. I think I have changed. It kind of scares me how much I have changed in the past two months. What exactly has changed I wonder. I don't know. I fear that I may never find out what I would like to. Sometimes I think I have, but then something else happens and I know that I havn't.

My heart is racing right now. I am thinking about justin.

Everything that has happened between us scares me. From the first time I met him till now. All of it makes me heart race like I just took speed or some sort of drug. It's a mix of happiness with apprehension. It's weird. I hear songs and it brings me back to a time way back when, when I was younger and didn't know what I was going to be when I turned 16.

I really feel like crying, writing helps me get it out, but not as much as crying does. It feels good when I cry...does it for you too?


:: 2003 7 January :: 5.13 pm
:: Mood: content/happy
:: Music: none

bitchiest person I have ever met!!!
Hello, I am going out... with.. Justin and Crystal... thinks I am a whore? Who is she anyways... I know nothing about her... does it mean she is stalking me... cuz she claims to know alot about us?!

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:: 2003 4 January :: 5.13 pm
:: Music: Rusted Root~Send me on my way

??? I don't know???
so justin, how's dawn? hahah Giggle giggle. Wow that was fun. So uh... how is everyone I want to have a bunch of comments because I like them but no one reads my journal except like umm... three people?? hah ao well life goes on.

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:: 2003 2 January :: 9.34 pm
:: Mood: content


:: 2003 2 January :: 9.34 pm
:: Mood: content


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