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:: 2003 2 January :: 9.33 pm
:: Music: the donnas~ take it off


Which Rock Chick Are You?


:: 2002 29 December :: 4.26 pm
:: Mood: content/confused
:: Music: none

Well, theo/david/dave/gravy/george told me to write about guys...so I am going to talk about how a friend of mine might be moving away from belding to greenville... He is soo fun and nice I don't want him to leave I have known him since sixth grade and we became really good friends... so I don't want him to leave I would miss him.


:: 2002 28 December :: 5.38 pm
:: Mood: content
:: Music: the story of my old man~ good charlotte

Girls don't like boys, girls like cars and money...sounds like me
lately I have been really questioning things...why I want them or what I am going to use it/them for... do I really need this? Those are the questions I ask myself everytime I do soemthing... I think I am still trying to find out what I really want... do you do this?

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:: 2002 27 December :: 11.49 am
:: Mood: Content/ Hungry / Thirsty
:: Music: Aqua - barbie girl

Hi, Justin here again, I'm typing allyson's journal for her i guess, so uhh here it goes....

"yes...you can touch you can play you can say... i'm always yours" *shrugs* Music is funny i guess haha?


:: 2002 18 December :: 2.12 pm
:: Mood: warmed
:: Music: Singled out~New Found Glory

Oh Frodo~*
Oh goodness he is soo gorgeous and his eyes...I could only dream...
Who is your Ideal Lord of the Rings (male) Mate?

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:: 2002 18 December :: 10.16 am
:: Music: Good charlotte (on mtv)

You come from Heaven. You're the purest of pure, a saint. You're probably an angel sent directly from Heaven.
Where Did Your Soul Originate?

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Which Ultimate Beautiful Woman are You?

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There's going to be no snow on my birthday (which is tomorrow) I need help with my party!!comments will be well apreciated!


:: 2002 17 December :: 5.54 pm
:: Mood: contemplative
:: Music: Switchfoot~dare you to move

I am really nervous about drama. I really want to be in this play. I hope I make it! I don't know If I can do it aaahhh it's soo frustrating!! O well if I make it I make it if I don't I will cry. Haha but I will get over it in time to try out for the next play. Alright onto another subject. My birthday is coming up on this thursday. I will be the big ol' 16. (woohu) and then I am having a party that is going to be soo lame because there is going to be nothing to do on saturday. Hey give me ideas On what I should have there. I tried the whole band and dj thing didnt work out and I don't want to try to get it to work again... so leave me comments!


:: 2002 14 December :: 8.20 pm
:: Mood: content
:: Music: muahhh hottie rascal flats guitarist

What Kind of FLIRT are you?

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:: 2002 13 December :: 2.43 pm
:: Mood: Content
:: Music: Screaming Infedelities

Wow again!!
Hahah this is soo funny... the song and then what Igot? haha woo...
What's YOUR sexual fetish?

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:: 2002 13 December :: 2.37 pm
:: Mood: content
:: Music: Rememer

What Moulin Rouge Character Are You?

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:: 2002 13 December :: 2.31 pm
:: Mood: Content
:: Music: Ender will save us all

HOlding Hands?
What Sign of Affection Are You?

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I am not into gushy stuff so this is okay I suppose!


:: 2002 12 December :: 9.01 pm

I am soo not a bitch!
What swear word are you?

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this is soo wrong!! I am not a bitch these are dumb!!


:: 2002 12 December :: 6.18 pm
:: Mood: scared
:: Music: none

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?

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:: 2002 11 December :: 9.18 pm
:: Mood: content /thoughful
:: Music: Dashboard Confessional~places you have come to fear the most

I realized that I am much like a character in a book I am reading her name is hannah. She tries do hard to make her family the way that it should be. I try to do that a little bit but that is not really where we are alike. She was soo confused at one point in her life that she had no thoughts on that subject. She saw how other people were so collected and new what they had to do and how they felt. She did not, that is how I feel. Why can\'t I have my feelings where they need to bey? She also had two men fall in love with her Louis but she had to turn him down because of her father. That is kind of like me and Andy. I will always like him he is just soo sweet but I know that is was a right decision to stop the relationship. Then a man named richard loves her and she loves him well that is the way I don\'t feel (ha) but someone told me that this certain person said that he will alwayslike me. That is how richard felt abotu hannah. I just wish that things turn out the way they do in the book~


:: 2002 8 December :: 9.30 pm
:: Music: Alias~

I want to go bowling soo bad. I want to go to stuebenville too man I miss that place. I wish that we could go in the winter as well... o well I will get over it~


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