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:: 2006 5 January :: 9.18pm

Journal Rules
1. What I say here, stays here. Those of you wanting to be cunts by informing the wrong people about my life, I wish you all to go to hell.
2. I'll say what I want however I want. If you're offended, leave. If you dissagree with anything I say, keep it to yourself because you are wrong and I don't care.
3. Don't be a pussy. Anonymous comments will be deleted. If I know who you are, say so. There's no need to hide.
4. No spammers
5. Annoying users will be put on a black list. By being annoying you give me the right to exploit your username in any way I chose and are agreeing to make all your information available to the public.
6. PlZ dOn'T tyPe LyKe Diz; it's very annoying. If you do, I will forever hate you. That goes for leet typing too.
7. Please tell me how you stumbled upon my journal. I'm paranoid and I feel like there's someone out there to kill/stalk me.

Please follow these few and simple rules. I really would like you to comment to be added. If you follow my rules and don't act like a fuckstain, I will be nice and humanly back to you. If you decide to fuck with my space, I will forever fuck with yours.

Please and thanks.

<33 Cheryl

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:: 2005 5 June :: 5.19pm

i love how when i write something real, something that i feel, or something that bothers me... i get no response from my 'friends'

but the instant i post a stupid survey, i get 10 responses.

love it.

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:: 2005 12 April :: 10.41pm
:: Mood: good

hay well you wanted me to up date scence i havent in a while so her it goes. One of my good friend is in a bad mood thanks to her sis, and her ex bf and well other than that i went camping over the weekend what fun that was and there is just on thing that i do wish right now is that this girl that i like would say yes to go out with me but othre than that there is nothing new with me execpt that i am still living well thats all that i can ask for right now so catch you all later Bye

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:: 2005 26 March :: 11.08pm
:: Mood: angry

i hate the world. The whole world is aganist me. I wish that the pain could just end.

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:: 2005 8 March :: 9.33pm

oh please oh please...


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