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'How can I stand here with you, and not be moved by you.'

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:: 2002 23 December :: 10.05 am
:: Music: Dixie Chicks - Land Slide

I always wanted to be cool.
I am a fridge!

what kitchen utensil are YOU?

:: 2002 22 December :: 8.25 pm
:: Mood: Split Minded *again*
:: Music: John Rzeznik - I'm Still Here

A Friend to the End

Time goes by,
and desieves.
UnNoticed to the eye
small things achieved.

Time flows, flattered
by an ocean of dreams.
many changes added,
like water from streams.

Times bitter truth
leaves us dazed.
So many of youth
with eyes left glazed.

A warm heart
may help you rise,
but like a dart -
times surprise.

What goes up
falls back down
Time goes by.
Taking the crown.

Try hard for your dreams,
but accept the truth.
The find good things redeemed
Like innocence of youth

They are things unseen,
till' near the end
Eyes washed clean,
you find a friend.

a friend to the end.


:: 2002 22 December :: 8.22 pm
:: Mood: split minded- Game and Chat and Journal
:: Music: 3 doors down - When I'm Gone

Poem (my best)
Once upon an ocean blue
Spread upon a Star-lit sea
runs a wake across our view
telling all that once might be

Upon this hazy ocean dream
one star lights the way
It blinds me with its gleam
Then brightens up my day

Float with a star shown sea
and drift among a sky bright blue
Then you will remember me
as I remember you


:: 2002 22 December :: 8.15 pm
:: Mood: Split minded - videogame and chat
:: Music: Chris Isaac - Wicked Game

Juggleing stix
These toys of Anient Origin have picked up many names over the years.
They go by such names as:
Juggling stix, hippy stix, devil sticks danceing stix magic stix, meditation stix, and for $15 you may even call them your sticks.
Availible in most colors.

Availible through Brian Davis
and soon through The-Bean.

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