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:: 2005 4 March :: 5.59 pm
:: Mood: thoughtful

Talking to Brooke about it yesterday was nice. So nice I wore Her necklace all day like a cross.

It was fun to giggle and blush, but there's so much that is wrong about it.

And even if it did come to be, I'd be afraid to break her heart.

I am still fond of boys. I prefer them.

But... I'm fond of her too. Maybe this has come about just because I'm so frustrated. There are no boys for me here. What else can I do..?

It passed like the last one. Maybe this will pass over as well.

But in an odd way, I'm not so sure yet I want it to...

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:: 2005 3 March :: 5.42 pm
:: Mood: contemplative
:: Music: the shins + new slang

is it ok for a straight girl to think she has a puppy crush on another girl?

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:: 2005 27 February :: 8.03 pm
:: Mood: nostalgic
:: Music: the shins + caring is creepy

Saying Goodbye

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:: 2005 26 February :: 11.12 pm

My Ginger has died.

:: 2005 17 February :: 9.58 pm
:: Mood: exhilerated/guilty

There are certain advantages to being in cahoots with Regan for pretty much everything.

Still, I feel kind of bad about avoiding people. :(

Is it a problem that the person I consider my best and closest friend right now lives 2000 miles away? I seriously am considering that Get-Elizabeth-to-firking-Boston fund now. Hahahahaha.

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:: 2005 17 February :: 8.43 pm
:: Mood: groggy
:: Music: sonic the hedgehog ocremixes

*napoleon dynamite voice* yessssssssss...
WEEKEND AT LAST!!! *cries with relief*

So the Junior Research Paper of Doom has been labeled mission accomplished. However, by the time I was finished I was behind on three days worth of sleep (le fluck) so needless to say yesterday and today I've been so TIRED O______e

In fact, yesterday I crashed the moment I got home from a particularly torturous day of school, and ended up being left at home while my parents went to the NICEA meeting.

But that's the good news! Kore wa natsu ni nihon de ikimasu, yo! ^____^ Which means I am officially going to Japan this summer. Fun and a half. The other good thing is that it's at the end of July, which means HBP PAR-TAY WITH ELIZABETH PRESENT IS STILL A-GO! YESSSSSSS. Kandy wants to have a big, go-see-new-charlie-and-the-chocolate-factory-movie-and-get-HBP extravaganza o' rama. Because, you know, they occur on that Friday and Saturday. AHHH OMG IT'S GOING TO BE SO FUN YOU GUYS.

Apparently at the NICEA meeting, they said you really have to exercise strict financial discipline, and you should probably figure out what you want to get beforehand. Pff, that's easy, I'm buying five hundred dollars worth of YAOI! *is shot by nearly everyone* Actually no, but I hope to find some puretty doujinshis...

One Piece yaoi has officially taken me over. It's sad, considering I have yet to read/see the series. o____o *reminds self to go bug Regan to send her scans*

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:: 2005 14 February :: 1.01 am
:: Mood: creative

numbuh 2 is so kawaii~~
i have a new icon! ^^ i used a doodle of Hoagie/numbuh 2 from KND i did this afternoon to try out some spiff icon-making techniques. Like..? :D

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:: 2005 13 February :: 10.55 pm
:: Mood: impatient
:: Music: sonic ocremix + robotnik's trippin on ecstacy

Alpha Shinigami: OKAY
Alpha Shinigami: when is your SPRING BREAK!
Alpha Shinigami: >XPPPPPPPPP
White Fawkes: UM
White Fawkes: *looks it up*
White Fawkes: APRIL 2ND THRU 10TH, YO!
Alpha Shinigami: o___O duuude, your break is so late!
Alpha Shinigami: ours is, like, in march
White Fawkes: crazy! ours is always in april ^^;
Alpha Shinigami: aaaw... buuu! *shakes fist* stupid breaks not lining up!
White Fawkes: *understanding your motives* o__o *WEEEEEP!*
Alpha Shinigami: grrr... that is very suck >_<
White Fawkes: i COULD convince my parents that we have to go college scouting during spring break (which is something i wanted to do anywayyyy.. friiiiick T___T)
Alpha Shinigami: XPPPP!!!!!
Alpha Shinigami: yaaa but you wouldn't be here very long....
Alpha Shinigami: garg, I am sooo impatient! I dun wanna wait till the summer! >XP
White Fawkes: you could still come during your break i suppose ^^; (haha wow that wouldn't worrrrk)


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:: 2005 7 February :: 9.34 pm
:: Mood: peaceful

doggy diagnosis
[x-posted from lj again]

Thank you everyone for your kind words and advice about Ginger. I love you guys so much!! *hugzzzz* So, here's the dealy-o with the doggy-o.

My Dad took her to a couple vets this morning, and the diagnosis is that Ginger has a tumor in her heart (hold on, I know it sounds bad, but bear with me here) which is apparently giving her an irregular heartbeat. The reason for her episode last night was most likely that because of her heart, she might of not been getting enough oxygen to her brain, which can explain teh woozy-faintyness. Now, the vets say that there's nothing that they can do about the tumor (like operate or anything) but it sounds like it isn't immediately life-threatening, so it's not like she has three days to live or anything. However, they did give her some medication that should help to stabalize her heart.. which hopefully means that she won't have an episode again. But, if she does, it sounds like they can go in and take out the fluid in the tumor to make it less apparent.

In any case, although none of this doesn't seem to be immediately life-threatening, it DOES mean that the vet is predicting that dear Ginger's time will probably come in the next three years or so. It's a little scary for me to think about at first, but really, it does makes sense, since she is over ten years old, so she'll be right over her life expectancy. And the three of us knew that this time would come eventually. When we first got her when I was seven, we all figured that she'd probably be around until I go off to college.. and with all this, it seems to be timing just right.

Time just goes by too fast now. I suppose you know your life is really changing when you leave the house and the pets die. But I can't even express how much I'll miss her when the time comes.

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:: 2005 6 February :: 9.11 pm
:: Mood: sick and scared

something isn't right
[x-posted from my lj]

So today was Super Bowl o'rama and I spent the day doing my homework and watching the game. Damn fine game, damn fine ^_____^ And the Patriots won! Again! Boston is totally having the best sports year ever, what with the Patriots victory last season, the Red Sox victory, and now Patriots again. I fancy thinking right now Regan is being attacked by overly zealous Bostonians, but in reality she's probably in a meeting like her AIM away message says she is.. uhrhurhur :P


Unfortunately the football game seems to be the only good thing about today.

Something is wrong with Ginger.

Around the middle of the third quarter, when we were eating dinner, Ginger suddenly got up from under the table and staggered into the living room where she began breathing really hard and started drooling a little. My parents and I ran to her side, but she closed her eyes and wouldn't look at any of us. Eventually we got her to lay down, and she continued to breathe shallowly until she laid her head down and passed out.

Then my Mother started to cry. And we petted her and petted her and my mother told me to keep petting her and we didn't stop petting her.

Eventually she came around after ten minutes or so, and since then we haven't kept our eyes off of her. She seems alright, aside from the fact that she has barely any energy at all, and she's almost too weak to look at us when we call her name.

But the worst part is that we have no idea why this is happening, especially since she was acting perfectly normal the entire day.

It's a Sunday night and there are no vet clinics open so there's no where we can go, no one we can talk to. I'm worried. My Mother did mention that it could be because of her age, but really, most dogs live much longer than ten years. And she's been amazingly healthy her entire life. Still, she did think that we should prepare ourselves... just in case. We have under twelve hours until we can get her medical attention. But I hope she'll be alright until then. She just has to.

I don't want my doggie to die.

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:: 2005 1 February :: 11.15 pm
:: Mood: awake

massive frustration!
I have mostly Bs this quarter. This is particularly frustrating considering the fact that some (like flippin' APUSH) were As a week ago. WARGH! Oh well, whatever.. I guess they're not so bad.. but I like As better >___>

I'm afraid I'm going to make myself paranoid over my grades and consider little failures my doom in going to a college I desire. That's not good. In fact it's bad. I should be motivated, not scared shitless ><;

In any case, I need more extracurricular activities. Or at least some volunteer work. Or maybe a job. Places like Tufts won't like me unless I have more!! ;o;

College high, much..? :P

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:: 2005 22 January :: 5.40 pm
:: Mood: ufufufu
:: Music: ffmusicdj + otanjoubi cid

walleh is our angst biiiiitch~~

I am currently working on nekkid, bloody, tied-up angst for Regan's (belated!) birthday doodle request. Haha, it's so ebil >D

We are such angst whores.

ETA: click for angsteh

ahhhhh ugly lineart that has yet to be cleaned and has his tied hands cut off XP OMG he's all nekkid and bloody and has tattoos and TEN EARRINGZZZZZ!!! (where did that big gash on his chest come from? O___o) Just so you know, this craziness comes from the super sekrit project Regan and I are doing, which is actually writing/drawing a series revolving around the Operation: F.U.T.U.R.E. from Codename: Kids Next Door (gasp, now you know the sekrittttttt!!) Yes we are dorks. But it's still super fun. And we have made Number Four our little angst puppet of doom ^____^ It had to get cut off on the scan, but the caption that went along with this doodle is, "I just want it to end." You'd have to watch the episode to understand ^__~

Anyway, don't tell Regan! It's a surpriiiiiiiise :D

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:: 2005 21 January :: 11.42 am
:: Mood: ickehhhh

warg, I am sick XP It's amazing how these things come about, I was just fine (despite my cough) this afternoon. Perhaps it didn't help either that I ended up staying awake until midnight doing homework (including my entire math packet.. haha I am the biggest slacker of all time 9__9) I really WAS going to go to school today, but Mum had the attitude that she really wouldn't mind if I stayed home ("you can stay if you want"), so I agreed, for the sake of not getting worse before finals week, and also for SLEEP! X3 I suppose it was also good because I also had a math review exam that I really felt I wasn't ready for (considering again the staying up until midnight doing other work and not being able to study properly.) Still, I feel a little guilty because that meant that missing my beloved english class (nyuuu~~ <3) and also missing a day in art class in which we have a project that's due early next week even though we've barely had any time to work on it. Mrr. >P

I sent homework to my teachers though.. and Amelia, I sent you pictures for your yearbook article so they'd be on time.. I hope you got them :D

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:: 2005 15 January :: 7.45 pm
:: Mood: cheerful
:: Music: the tv.. sounds like standup

the day lj went away :P
Oh noes, eljay's been down for over a day now! :O Some people's journals (like Daisy's) are back up, but other people's (like mine and Regan's) are still down. Meh. With our luck ours are on the database that won't be back online until four am.. ahaha ^^; It's strange, I must have been on it just as it crashed too, because yesterday afternoon I got onto my journal's main page, and then when I clicked the link to my friend's page.. it wouldn't load >____>

But I actually don't mind all that much really, since today I was just planning to draw in front of the TV watching Invader Zim dvds all day.. which I did ^____^ Eee, I finally got the hang of drawing Irkens! And I'm doing lots of Tallest.. because I'm a whoooooore. At the moment I'm working on a pair of drawings, each with one tallest representing their color (you know how certain colors represent certain emotions or states of being..? OF COURSE YOU DO) So Red = passion, aggressive energy, HOO-WAH and Purple = authority and regal...ness. Of course they're really not like that being silly selfish jerks and all BUT I THINK IT'S A COOL IDEA SHUT UP YOU GUYS.

Anyway, despite drawing projects, I'm starting to miss LJ a bit now.. especially since Regan and I want to log on and discuss our sooper sekrit project of BNDness. Oh my God this is so awesome, we are the coolest ever XD OH! And speaking of Regan, the other cool thing is that today she won some kind of KND banner contest that was judged by the creator himself.. and so now she's getting a bunch of cool prizes like autograhped merchendise! *FRIENDISH PRIDE!* ^_______^ Hehe.. looooove to her ^^

Anyway.. some dirty dishes are calling my name and I must not keep them waiting!

tally-ho~!! <3<3<3

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:: 2005 13 January :: 11.42 pm
:: Mood: bashful
:: Music: yann tiersen + les jours tristes

*wets self a little*
This person just friended me on LJ, even though I have no clue how or why. Um.

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