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User:gamer (user# 9347)
Information:[x] All players must update journals in character.
[x] they must be updated at least every other day (someone will be checking).
[x] the reason for updating is so we know your playing along and also in your updates you must show the item you bought that day price and the address.
[x] Every morning you must pick up a letter to say what is happing on your day if anything it could be you have ended up with a parking fine or have to prepare for a party.
[x] To buy things for your family, baby clothes, kids clothes for you cars houses, baby food, toys you must use are parent skills created pages.
[x] money is transfered into icons.
[x] each family will be given the same amount of icons.
[x] also each family will only have one set of clothes each and a house with stuff in.
[x] your other half, kids there ages and your job will be picked out by random.
[x] you may pick your kids names.
[x] When buying items from the provided pages, you must click on the item you require to buy your email box should appear the address should already apear in the top you have to write down what your item is the address or provide a link, the cost and the money.
[x] the money should be cut and pasted into the email box not copy and pasted that would be called cheating.
[x] it is hard to cheat bc we know how much u all start with and how much we give out for your jobs we keep records so if you are getting extra money from somewhere we will know.
[x] wages will be payed every saturday morning.
[x] if you wish to partisapate in this game please sign up to this community and post some info about yourself.
[x] gay couples are aloud bc the names will be picked randomly from one hat.
[x] If your job states uninployed that means you can use are provided pages to find one some may need qualifications if so you will need to take a colledge course that could last up to 1-2weeks.
[x] if you wish not to be married to a member of the same sex when u add you info to the page you must say.
[x] if you are not going to follow the rules GET LOST!!!!! its only a game just play it how it is. please!

If you have any questiong or problems with the rules, or theres something you dont understand, or we have not mentioned just post into the community and someone will get to your problem as soon as we can. You can also post when the game is going on if u need assistance, someone will always be around.
who is with who jobs kids will be posted in community when are done.
the web sites to buy items from will be posted in community 2.
awards will be given at the end to the best couple: cooped together in the best way thro sertain situations. best parenting skills: well you know who gets on and looks after the kids and keeps them safe. and worsed parent skills now if you do have kids of ur own u dont wonna be getting that one. good luck all from all of Gamers community staff.
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