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:: 2004 3 January :: 7.21 pm
:: Mood: ::shrug::
:: Music: The Insyderz

yea we're crazy...
This time last year, me and chelcy were snow skiing...well this year the family and us decided to go out in the boat...65 degree water we wakeboarded in...but hey now we know that the tower is amazing and will be great when it is hot!!!! man when u first hit that water...took ur breath away....definently didnt want 2 fall...lk. Dias was so glassy...it was perfect...
Last night some of us went over to Tim's house to hang out...hangin by the pool and bonfire listening to ska surrounded by friends...i had a smile on my face :)...on our way home back from the middle of no where we stopped by to see matts new car and james...ive spent the last 3 days being with chels and it was great...ive really missed hanging out with her :)
Tonight the family went to see Cheaper by the Dozen...aww such a cute movie!!
dude last night...haha man ok so its midnight and im starting to feel sorry for myself...i got my hug from my hippo but then the milkshake song came on...well thats always humerous but then my phone starts ringing with some # i didnt know...i answer and some guy named "Hector" with a real bad accent answered...haha well he told mandy he had just come across the border and then he told me to meet him at Taco Bell today...whoever that kid was he made me laugh and ripped me out of the mood i was in...it was great...

~*!i can sit here feeling sorry for myself wishing i was her...or i can continue living my life...knowing that she might have you, but also realizing my guy is out there 2 somewhere and one day i will find him...!*~

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:: 2004 1 January :: 10.23 pm
:: Mood: amazing :)
:: Music: Perfect-Simple Plan

a new year begun...
so last night was amazing (lets see how many times i can use that word in one journal entry)..Mandy came over! woop woop glad shes back! we were gunna dance around the tikki torches but instead we made a cookie the size of our heads...and talked with James while he took over my computer...we swear jack and jose didnt visit us haha good times! well we ended up staying up till 2:30 watching Bringing down the House...Brock called us at 4:30 urghh we dont like him anymore... :P
Wow a whole year has flew by yet again...a good year not to mention...there were some great times and some tears but in all it was truly awesome and enjoyable...James says i am quite jovial...i must agree...not anything particular just the joy of life is making me happy woohoo... k now it sounds like im high ha guys im really not...ok anyway...Me and Chels had dinner at her house...yummy and then headed to the movies...we snuck ben and jerry's ice cream into Mona Lisa Smile...aww it was a really cute movie! and now i sit here... guys we go back to school in less then a week...waiit nvm thats right me and james arent going back to school...we're living on coffee at panera woop woop! yea soo...hopefully me and heather are gunna be able to hang out on Saturday...thatll be fun! well i keep unplugging things and messing things up...haha i better go...

*Life does go on...*

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:: 2003 30 December :: 9.58 pm
:: Mood: lonely

Are you in love with that special person or are u in love with being in love?
sitting here
darkness envelopes the room
yellowcard playin in the background
my companion, the hippo lays next to me
pictures from the past surround me...live memories and reminders of the amazing time spent- experiences full of laughter and tears...
with only the computer glare as a light sits a girl wearing penguin shorts- although the house is silent- a family is tucked away in bed- the teenager stares at the computer...thinking...

Wish I had someone i could spend time with having pointless conversations again...miss the hugs and tender kisses...knowing that there is a guy out there who cares for you affectionately is a feeling that no words can explain...have i ever been in love with that "perfect individual"...naww but do i think im in love with being in love and dream of what it is like...most definently

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:: 2003 30 December :: 3.45 pm

Lift Me Up...
you lift me up to touch the stars
i promise that i won't come back down tonight
or any other that i'm with you

broken hearts and shattered dreams
you are my everything
i would be lost if i ever lost you

i'd take your hand and give you my heart
and look into your eyes and tell you you're everything i've been dreaming of
i'd wait in silence for your reply
it seemed like hours had gone by
till you told me what i never wanted to hear

are you thinking of me at this very moment?
'cause right now i'm thinking of you
but i cannot see any reason tonight
why you can't be here with me


:: 2003 29 December :: 5.44 pm
:: Mood: amused


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:: 2003 29 December :: 3.20 pm
:: Mood: geeky

So i call mandy last night who is in Colorado and Brock answers her phone...wo was i confused...they told me he stowed away in her suitcase haha guess he's staying like 15 min from where she is so they were hangin together lol Dude it was -8 degrees there last night how amazing is that...i cant wait till we go to Utah over spring break...Mandy said there were a lot of guys with kewl hair there so hopefully a lot of them will be heading to Utah also hehe ;) so she heads back tomorrow morning and James comes back from Ohio tomorrow 2! woop woop!
i was so bored today i cleaned...

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:: 2003 28 December :: 8.41 pm
:: Mood: amused
:: Music: Yellowcard

Getting lost...
so the family is sitting around the dining room table when we all decide that we feel fat...haha we all jump in the car and head to Bunnel "forest"....for a hiking trip...we get there and head out to tackle the crazy mountains here..yea right...so it was nice u know...burning off calories, pretty surroundings...lots of trees, screaming "the dragons come in the nigghhhh" to no one in particular...an hour into this intense hike we decide that it was time to turn around and head back so my father of course decides he will find us a shorter route back...hahaha yeaa of course we follow him- ends up leading us in circles...we kinda wandered around for an hour very lost...wondering if we were gunna have to jump this barb wire to get to the highway and walk back that way (i was already picking out the tree i was gunna sleep in for the night)...as we were walking me and my mom saw bones laying around..great stuff...anyways we finally cut through all these branches wayy off the trail..and make it back safely and even got a strawberry milkshake as a reward lol
Tonight headed down to the Brinkerhoff's-pigged out on oysters..yummy good times were spent...

~!*It was rad like woo...and dont u forget it!

Fumbling his confidence
And wondering why the world has passed him by
Hoping that he's bid for more than arguments
And failed attempts to fly, fly

We were meant to live for so much more
Have we lost ourselves?
Somewhere we live inside

*this is your life, are you who you want to be...?*


:: 2003 27 December :: 9.31 am
:: Mood: giddy
:: Music: Switchfoot- Meant to Live

Good times were had...
Me and Chels went down to the show last night...walked around what they called a "mall" aimlessly which isnt in the nicest part of town lol... so we walked around back where the dumpsters were trying to decide how we were gunna get in the place without getting jumped...look out into the darkness and see all these lil cults standing around...we decided to sit on a bench and wait for Tim to come save us haha without making eye contact we finally race into the place... 1st two bands were alright...... Runner Up came on...Tom was just getting over a cold so he kept apologizing for sounding sick...funny stuff...we stood around singing to their love songs while watching some kids try to mosh...it wasnt working for them though... wish i couldve stayed to see Brownie Points but we had to go...we walked out the back and tried to get back in the "mall" to get to the car- of course it was locked so we were walkin around back with Tim as our bodyguard but then he decides 2 go back in..so me and chelcy sprint around back all the way to her car...haha on the way home we listened to the ghetto "my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard" song...oh wow care to explain what the heck theyre talking about? yea so it was a great night...i need to get out more lol
Sitting here in my sweet penguin shorts :)...thinking...how blessed i really am...God has given me a lot of things i probably dont deserve He is truly amazing...

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:: 2003 26 December :: 11.54 am
:: Mood: chipper

The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel- which means, "God with us."- Matthew 1:23
so Christmas has come and gone...it was so different this year... for me not as much excitement and we forgot about some of the traditions we do every year...it was weird... but there was still that magical joy of walking into the living room and seeing all the presents and remembering the reason for the season... it was great being with the family...my aunt and uncle and cousins came down from GA havent seen them in like a year so it was fun hanging with them...
Tonight probably heading to the show with brownie points, unsung zeros, and runner up...
Tomorrow going to the Gator basketball game with the Shaffers...woop woop get to see matt walsh with his amazing hair...yeaa
gotta go bust out the new bright red converse!! :)
*! Life seems to fly by at an amazing speed, but each day seems to drag by...painfully slow...!*


:: 2003 23 December :: 6.23 pm
:: Mood: sick...
:: Music: Dashboard Confessional

So yesterday was fun...except for the fact i felt like crap the whole time...yea but we went to orlando for the day...went shopping, go carting, movies, blah blah blah...laughed so hard that i had to start slapping jesse to get him to shut up so the pain in my stomach would go away from laughin so hard...
Christmas in 2 days...thats rad...our play for church is tomorrow...yup its gunna be quite interesting...hopefully we can pull it all together in 3 hours...
For the sake of not being able to do anything else today i watched the great hotels marathon on the travel channel...cody u should be proud lol
+im tired of this+
*!~Do u know how hard it is to grasp the fact that he has found someone new...he might still smile at me when our paths cross every once in awhile...but i wont be able to call him mine...hold him in my arms...instead i watch from a far...remembering what it was like...~!*

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:: 2003 19 December :: 9.10 am
:: Mood: relaxed

In a crazy mixed up world...
what am i supossed to do...? turn right or left? wait was i not supossed to say that or was i to do something else...? am i to accept everything that happens with a big grin or can't i just cry... why can't life be easy...why cant i go around giggling with no cares in the world every day...haha cause that wouldnt be life... why does reality have to kick in... purpose of life is known but why cant many people accept it...? is love really that confusing or do we just all make it that more complex... theres nothing wrong with u if u cant get over that one person- one day u will...itll hit you...bam in the face... so many questions that will go un-answered...ahh thats life for ya...

being able to wake up late...its truly amazing
well definently in need of some cartoons and a smoothie...<3

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:: 2003 17 December :: 9.03 pm
:: Music: Jeremia was a bull frog...

::heather groan::
yea that last entry definently the randomness of whoever was in amandas house this afternoon lol
went caroling to old people tonight...i dont like the smell of nursing homes..creeps me out...like rotting flesh groady!
no school tomorrow...skipping with chavela
!~I cant do this anymore...!~


:: 2003 17 December :: 4.08 pm
:: Mood: exanimate
:: Music: Me playin guitar...or tryin

~Down up down (rest) up down up~

STRUM ~sing~

Pain...is like a flower...deep and wide like a river...

Eggplant runs from toejam.

pepperoni flip like phones and me after i get dirt on my shoes.

I LOVE MY SHIRT! its got a star.....oOoOo...shiny....*twinkle twinkle little shirt*

Computer G string--does it exist? (Guitar you pervert)

We need to decorate the festivus trees--WAIT Dont cut it down SAVE THE TREES---okok guess we'll use a pole and yell at each other. Oh geez take some Midol..

~Ok see ya on the upside of the downside~
Got to go mom's pickling some lint...


:: 2003 16 December :: 7.13 pm
:: Mood: tired like wo...
:: Music: Nine Iron Nitzy with heath on the trumpet...lol

If only i could see it through your eyes...and try with all my might to understand...Why...? what are you thinking...does it make sense...?
.... living in a chaotic world all i want are some answers....


:: 2003 15 December :: 9.21 pm
:: Mood: exstatic
:: Music: JaZz...

It's Flippy!!!!
Ahh i got a new cell and i love it!!! hopefully i get to keep it and dont have to give it back till christmas...
haha so i busted out mandy's trumpet after school today...wow am i good...we called cody and chelcy and they both hung up on us after i had just started playing...i need a lil practice i guess...im working on my scales...i was this close in stealing my guitar back today but mandy grabbed it back!! shes holding it hostage!!!!!! wo my parents havent seen me this giddy in a long time i love this feeling...haha
!*I'm always here for you...*!


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