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:: 2003 14 December :: 9.47 pm
:: Mood: exhausted...
:: Music: Five Iron-Kamikaze

The weekends over...too many performances, too many recitals, too many practices-great lack of sleep which if u know heather shes got to have her sleep...but we have 4 more days hehe 3 for mecause im not going thursday...i wanna bake cake-cookies with mandy lol and then winter break woop woop! Sleigh ride is on the 22nd-mystery trip with jeff...never a dull moment...
dude i so jammed on the piano last night...aww im in love with marquis' voice...i made new friends last night... :) Cantata was tonight...hehe dude i so hit the high notes with a bit of squeaking..they said i was a rebel with my jeans and converse while everyone else was all dressed up...its a good feeling to be a rebel lol yea i had more to write but definently dont feel like writing...

Diamonds Arnt Forever: Scott Hughes
Emotions bleeding through my watery eyes
A cold sensation is tearing these ties
The words have burned into me like acid rain
The pieces of a broken heart is all that remain
A puzzle that only one can make
But the one who can, already caused it to break
The feeling i get when i think of you
Is undeniably something so pure and so true
I guess its something that i just cant see
Or maybe its a sign that it wasnt meant to be
But now i have nothing, except of our past
Some say diamonds are forever, but this one just did not last

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:: 2003 14 December :: 1.55 pm
:: Mood: teary...

woop woop...
This is incredible.
Starving, insatiable,
yes, this is love for the first time.
Well you'd like to think that you were invincible.
Yeah, well weren't we all once before we felt loss for the first time?
Well this is the last time.-Dashboard Confessional

I CANT WAIT TILL THE BREAK!! I'm so incredibly tired...i almost havent had time to breath this weekend...just let it be over...
*U ever cried and have no idea what ur crying over...?*

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:: 2003 11 December :: 4.07 pm
:: Mood: sleepy

I'm a bad girl... :-(
ok ok yeaa i definently tried skipping some of history today...omg it was so great...I sat in mrs. Hughes class for 20 mintues without her ever seeing me...when she did see me though...oh wow she was a tad bit mad lol she flipped...she even opened the door for me to leave...haha i havent laughed that hard in awhile when she kicked me out...i did learn though in her class that cody has gotten smarter-he actually knew what he was talking about lol I put my "Rub a Dub, Dub a Hippo in a Tub" picture in my locker today... :) Packages are starting to show up at my door tehehe i swear i wont open them-naw did that last year... Mine and Mandy's great plan is to get swing lessons and drag mike and cody with us to learn...it would be the most funnieset thing...wow bad english which by the way im now NoT getting an A in cause i never got my dang macbeth ticket...grand
Me and sara need to skip tomorrow cause we both definently dont know our impromptus still trying to figure how we could pull that one off...i cant wait till this weeks over...ohh and i cant wait till i can drive...yea stop laughing ill get my hours in dont u worry...im getting my lisence on march 4...i dont care i have to... i have decided since mandy definently still has my guitar im stealing her trumpet and learning that...itll be interesting lol
~!He likes Pepsi~! hahahaha oh good times mandy!
*Math Club all the way baby!!!*

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:: 2003 9 December :: 9.09 pm
:: Mood: blah
:: Music: Everybody to the Limit

i can say it...fhqwhgads
haha yeaa man u gotta say it with a flourish...
DUDE i gotta a hippo...its the cutest thing ever- im in love...amanda and chelcy u guys are truly the raddest...haha my mints will surly be gone by next week...
so guess im going to macbeth alone...and im flying home cause im good like that...man if i could drive...mandy omg whats with the braves...theyre gunna be horrible im not watching them anymore without Javy naw way man forget that...lol but we'll still go to the games...ill drive cause ill soooo have my 50 hours in by then haha
*Sadie Hawkins dance in my khaki pants...theres nothing better oh oh oh...*

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:: 2003 7 December :: 9.28 pm
:: Mood: stressed
:: Music: Relient K- mood ring

haha yeaa havent even started this week and im already stressed...isnt that grand!!? i wont be home at all this week or weekend and have a mungo english project due sometime soon...joy to the world and then exams are coming up...woohoo
dude i totally wore my converses to church today...haha ive never been made fun of soo bad..jeff said if my grandmother was still here she wouldve gotten on my case about them...haha yeaa hes definently right..hey but i was comfy so thats what matters...
started christmas shopping today...went to best buy and ran into mike-senior kid in photo- wow that kid cracks me up...hes got kewl hair...haha what is my obsession with the hair...i swear im gunna marry a guy with big long brown curly hair and plays the guitar or drums...itll be great...well anyway me and mike went to barnes and noble to get coffee...got a iced carmel mocheato or whateva yummy i bought him espresso omg it was disgusting...lol so then i came home and ive been doing hw since then...sucks like woo...
mandy need to know when u want to go to macbeth...i need to find out for sure what time it starts...might help a tad...
!*~pamplemousse- thats an amazing word!
u know theres something a bit wrong with u when u go around telling people there are hippos in ur bath tub and penguins running around ur backyard... :)

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:: 2003 6 December :: 8.12 pm
:: Mood: calm
:: Music: Carol of the Bells

I lOvE...
*my friends
*my family
*God-the Father Almighty
*hugs & kisses
*playing piano
*my shoes
*talking to someone who i know is gunna listen
*being in love
*my church
*cold winter nights with hot chocolate
*guys who sing/play an instrument lol
*night walks on the beach
*giving/getting presents
and wow about 1000 more things...i was just bored so yea those were the things that came to mind in no order...
~!decorating the christmas tree!~
remembering the past is one of the most enjoyable pastimes...all the laughter, smiles, that spark in people's eyes...oh how i love life...

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:: 2003 3 December :: 10.30 pm
:: Mood: aggravated
:: Music: Runner Up- Dear Girl

Chuck a Duck!
Three things that scare me:
1:not understanding...
2:not experiencing true love
3:flying sting rays
Three people who make me laugh:
Three Things I love:
1:my life...
3:friends, family, Jesus Christ
Three Things I hate:
2:getting in trouble
Three things I don't understand:
2:why certain things happen in life...
Three things on my desk:
2:my computer
3:a stuffed flamingo
Three things I'm doing right now:
1:talking online
2:trying to figure out who wrote the journal entry about women leaders
Three things I want to do before I die:
1:get married
2:kiss in the rain :*
3:achieve my goals
Three things I can do:
2:play piano
Three ways to describe my personality:
1:mood swings often
Three things I can't do:
1:letting go...
3:oh man theres lots of things...

Three Things brought to you by BZOINK!


:: 2003 1 December :: 10.13 pm
:: Mood: stressed
:: Music: some guy playing piano...anything thats calming

sluggish mornings...exasperating afternoons...frenzied evenings...that is until u breath that one breath of relief as ur head hits the pillow...
*marshmellow fights with chelcy after school...hehe they make a cool sound if u hit someone real hard...haha chels i told my parents about it and later my whole family came in and attacked me with marshmellows...lol
*Panera tomorrow...iced mocha and bread bowl...then off to the photo exhibit
*Brennan might encounter some...harsh pain tomorrow if he doesnt start to shut up real soon...
*And yet begans another intense week of high school...13 days till X-mas break!
~!another week will pass...relieved that i will escape the challenge of looking into his eyes and falling for him once again...and yet a trace of despair as i remember the feeling of a racing heart...!~

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:: 2003 28 November :: 7.01 pm
:: Mood: bored
:: Music: like way up on the high strings...

uh huh...
ok im bored...getting ready to go see Elf with mandy but i just saw this on someones journal thought it would be kewl if u got bored...what if u commented on this journal anonymously- just saying anything...amuse me...tell me a secret, tell me something stupid or funny...just not who its from...i wanna see how many ill actually get to do it...hehe well im outta here guys...<3

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:: 2003 28 November :: 9.53 am
:: Mood: ::sigh::
:: Music: ska...hehe it makes me smile

Another holiday gone...
Holidays and months seem to just be flying by...Christmas is gunna be here before we know it...which means winter break ... no school!!! woop woop! So Thanksgiving was great...the house smelled like pumpkin pie and turkey all day...it was heavenly! This was the second Thanksgiving without my nana and i know it was really hard on my mom cause my grandmother used to do almost all the cooking and this holiday always reminds her so much of her mom...but my mom did an awesome job...i know my nana was watching from up above...dang i miss her...
hehe yesterday i got to drive an '89 Mazerati convertible...my papa bought it from someone at the turkey rod...aww i was trying to convince him that he wants to give it to me...its so much easier to drive lil cars...then i got to drive my aunt to her house cause she forgot the dessert...yes amanda i was in a car and drooove!!! hehe it was great having a chance to talk to my aunt though cause i never really see her anymore...shes so easy to talk to and wow she was actually calm when i was driving...lol
*3 more weeks till christmas break...how great is that... next 2 weekends are gunna be crazy- piano recitals and such...
well we have tonns of left overs last night...come and pig out with me...again haha <3
*Never give up if you still wanna try, never wipe your tears if you still wanna cry, never settle for the answer if you still wanna know, never say you don't love him if you can't let him go*
i need to learn how to let go...cause right now...i cant

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:: 2003 25 November :: 7.53 pm


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:: 2003 25 November :: 6.36 pm
:: Mood: giddy
:: Music: Fall Out Boy

Ducks are afraid of water...riight
ahhh its like a friday!!!! woop woop!
have to babysit tomorrow morning...bring in the money lol
At this moment in time...life is pretty dang good...u dont understand how talking to my friends and just having the chance to "vent" helps me...(and doing this makes me not become the cashier :) ) Wow i have been complaing quite a lot lately...my mom told me last night that i am allowed to drop out of IB if i wanted to...its nice to know that she wouldnt mind but i think im gunna stick this out...id miss all my friends wayy to much if i left...i just need to learn how to be less stressed... High school is one big drama that were stuck in...i need to just live with it and stop letting the little things get to me...easily said then done
Hopefully me and chels are gunna be able to do something Saturday...she said she would be my date...sry matt-chew... :)
Big Florida vs. Florida State game saturday...GO GATORS!!! woop woop!
tehehe i just found the hidden candy corn... later guys! muah :-*
*taking life one crisis at a time*


:: 2003 22 November :: 3.03 pm
:: Mood: enthralled
:: Music: Runner Up- Wither Without You

~I could drown in your eyes~
soo Dude...pretty sweet day so far...woke up at like 10:30..it was REAL nice being able to sleep in...probablly slept so late cause someone woke me up at 12:30AM-texting me cause he was bored...yea thanks jah-mez haha...We were supossed to go hit up some wake today but noo, dad decided he was gunna paint their room...I'm reall sorry Jah-Mez, one of these days were gunna be able to go-yea hopefully before the lake is sub zero! :) So mi madre and I went out shopping...dude so we have a maui nix and american eagle in the mall now...sweet...gotta a moose, wyoming shirt from AE...its adorable and also had to get my coffee...yummy hehe tonight mandy might come over and keep me company...woop woop We went to the play at Seabreeze last night...wow AMT is awesome...got to see lots of people i havent seen in awhile...mrs. miklos was trying to get me to leave creek and go there...yeaa
well i have the pleasure of reading Farenheit 451...ohh joy <3
*running out of time...*


:: 2003 20 November :: 8.09 pm
:: Mood: full
:: Music: Switchfoot

Hey Chels...can we listen to some emu??
haha oh man good times...yea u definently still have the touch to make me laugh...Finally finshed our science project...glad its completed...now we dont have to listen to that annoying magnetic thing that sounds like a horse...ahhh...After piano, me and my dad went out for dinner...yummy salmon but anyway..it was real nice just being able to sit down and catch up on things...since during the week with school it seems im so distance from my family...it was great just being able to get everything off my chest thats been bugging me...we decided on the way home that our lives are incredibly blessed...indeed...well kids-killer spanish test manana...need to go estudiar...<3
*My friends are the most amazing people out there and i dont let u guys know as often as i should how much u have impacted my life and made it that much better... luv ya guys*

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:: 2003 19 November :: 9.54 pm
:: Mood: amused

Dude...hippo like wo

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