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:: 2017 3 December :: 12.58 am

You insist I stay home when you go out to have fun

Makes me feel like I'm the secret

are you reaching out

:: 2017 2 December :: 9.48 am

when the puzzle is made of squares and you are a hideously deformed circle piece

are you reaching out

:: 2017 30 November :: 12.06 am

the warm embrace of a friend

2 night time trust fallnight time trust falls | are you reaching out

:: 2017 28 November :: 12.50 am

Please don't make it 3

are you reaching out

:: 2017 23 November :: 10.52 pm

I try to be sweet and loving and caring and helpful and yet I ALWAYS manage to ruin the night by being a psychotic bitch

Im not made to live on this planet. Im not made to love other humans. Im just worthless. A sack of shit. A piece of useless garbage.

Same as I always have been same as I always will be. You can't change the core of a person, only the nuances surrounding them. I give up.

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