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:: 2018 20 November :: 3.31 pm

people talking about quitting facebook like it's a drug

"gonna try to stay off for a week"
"two months without facebook!"

but we are treated weird for breaking up with zuckerberg

fucking junkies fuckin sheep fuckin head in the sand ostriches


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:: 2018 18 November :: 4.36 pm

ugh can someone like please tell me why Britney Spears is so wonderful

cuz she's like A #1

kinda like a certain Smitty Jagerwerbenmanjensen. you know what they say about him.

anyway, I just gotta keep dancing til the world ends.

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:: 2018 9 November :: 6.42 am

making people happy cry on their birthdays is one of my all time favorite things in the whole world

I love birthdays. I wish they turned it excellent more often. I wish everyone could have at least one perfect day a year and god damn it should be your anniversary of existing.

this birthday will be good.

happy birthday sweetheart

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:: 2018 7 November :: 1.59 pm
:: Mood: confused
:: Music: Dawn golden

Well, I know I'm hard to take
And my bones are calling out your name
While I beat your cold windows
Break the locks on the gate
While I try to forget
I used to be something great
Because you're all that I, all that I want

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:: 2018 27 October :: 8.42 pm

not gonna lie, I do sometimes regret getting this sleeve

but I mean, what's the point of commitment if not for the follow thru?

I just wish it was always cold outside so I could hide it when I don't feel like being seen.

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