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:: 2018 22 August :: 9.45 pm

I'm so freaking frustrated I want to scream.

there just no being happy. if I do one thing I suffer in another way.

I need to find a therapist.

are you reaching out

:: 2018 19 August :: 11.01 pm

maybe it'll never be enough

maybe it's just me

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:: 2018 18 August :: 11.21 pm

I know a lot of people hate lap dogs but they are honestly the best

they are perfectly destined to be our hand held best friends

I just want to snuggle my puppies forever

domesticated dogs are just permanent puppies and it's just the best. dogs were made to be with people. out of how many animals in the world dogs are the only one to truly and unrevokably to be our best friend. can you imagine a world without dogs?

it would be a pretty fucking sad world.

not to say other domesticated animals aren't awesome, they just don't hold a candle to dogs. they are the best. hands down.


are you reaching out

:: 2018 18 August :: 10.19 pm

I love being the best

even if it's at something stupid.

are you reaching out

:: 2018 17 August :: 9.10 am

worst timing ever... check
constant ability to out foot in mouth... check
permanent confusion towards life... check

how does anyone actually enjoy this whole "being alive and interacting with other people" bullshit?

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