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:: 2019 6 September :: 8.56 am

Prozac has me like

are you reaching out

:: 2019 3 September :: 7.29 am

we are arriving at the final warm days off summer, soon it will be fall and then it will be winter.

I feel like I'm moving in show motion as time hurdles past me.

I don't know what I want. I don't want anything, but I also want it all. I miss feeling like there was real adventure in my life.

maybe there never was. I want to move to a new city and see what different and exciting things I can find. I want to move to the country and never love in a big city again. I want kinda kids, I want to be a kid myself forever.

I honestly don't care, either things will happen or they won't. why fight against the current when I can just enjoy the ride until the waterfall throws us off to our deaths?

that is, if the river doesn't dry up first... like my optimism about the future.

are you reaching out

:: 2019 27 August :: 8.27 am

shake shake shake seniora shake your body line
work work work seniora work it all the time

are you reaching out

:: 2019 21 August :: 10.58 am


1 night time trust fall | are you reaching out

:: 2019 30 July :: 9.35 pm

Kind words, kind looks, kind acts, and warm hand-shakes, - these are means of grace when men in trouble are fighting their unseen battles. -John Hall

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