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:: 2018 27 April :: 7.09 am

heading to Seattle this weekend to visit my best Frome I am so excited! last time I saw her we went to her best friends memorial at the state park it was very sad... this will be more fun!

we are going to explore whidby island! I've always wanted to go but never was able to. we are going with some mutual friends and their adorable twin daughters. I made some macarons which I need to ship off today, but the extras I'm bringing with (not that we need more sugar she went crazy getting me candyyyyyy)

my sweetie got a 2018 wrx, I have driven it once and I'm really jealous but..... I love my 35 mpg way more than his however many horses haha

maybe I'm too much if a grandma but being a passenger is scary. especially in the back seat.

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:: 2018 23 April :: 11.46 pm

all I really need right this moment is an encouraging word or a friendly face.

I just want someone to see me.

I feel so utterly and totally invisible.

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:: 2018 14 April :: 9.00 am

this birthday has been shit.

I want this to be my last birthday.

there isn't anything in the world worth this much pain.

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:: 2018 6 April :: 11.58 am

Easter dinner was delicious I will post photos soon...

So glad it's Friday, I wish the weekend would last forever... I need a permanent vacation

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:: 2018 30 March :: 4.11 pm

Everything is ok

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