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:: 2021 30 December :: 6.25 am
:: Mood: lonely

I've got time for you, you make me wanna die without trying to...

cuz I need someone else who every night remembers I exist...

the only thing I can count on is you not coming through...

Still I taught her to breathe when you're low and you're deep underwater..

Stay faithful, remember what you love, so when the world gets painful you become your own god...

one day, they'll post all my mistakes.

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:: 2021 22 December :: 5.03 am

if I was BPII, this is what we would call a hypo manic phase. this is when I feel confident, positive, optimistic and motivated to accomplish simple tasks I normally wouldn't have the energy for (such as baking cookies).

but I don't make impulse decisions and I don't engage in risky behavior in this phase. I definitely can't sleep.

but God damn if I'm not a ray of sunshine for my customers.

and sometimes I get to talk to very interesting person. yesterday was a recovering drug addict/alcoholic who had been married 18 years.. it was cathartic talking to someone who truly understands the losses I've had in my life and being able to relate to the pain and loss with another random stranger.

it helps me keep perspective that I'm not the only one with problems, and everyone has their own hardships, and it doesn't coat you anything to just...

to just be kind to one another.

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:: 2021 18 December :: 11.01 am

why is se7en such a good movie

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:: 2021 9 December :: 1.53 pm

I have a sudden urge to watch a shot at love 2 with Tila tequila

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:: 2021 6 December :: 4.47 am

it's funny how fast this disintegrated. it's funny how I'm always the one left holding the rope.

it's funny that I always go after addicted narcissists.

it's funny how no one can really love me.

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