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:: 2019 10 October :: 2.23 pm

I have a very strong force of chill

people get around me and they just melt into the couch and are comfy

I like chilling, and being lazy, but sometimes it sucks cuz I don't always want to be.

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:: 2019 3 October :: 9.09 pm

I can hardly imagine going to an open casket funeral, but to also dig their hole and put them in the hole you dug?

that is some next level shit. natives don't half ass saying good bye.

I just wish we didn't have to say goodbye at all.

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:: 2019 28 September :: 11.00 pm

it is such a secret place, the land of tears

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:: 2019 26 September :: 2.29 pm
:: Mood: crushed

we won't let you slip away....
but we did.

good bye friend. I wish you could have stayed longer.

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:: 2019 16 September :: 11.05 pm

I hate those God damned electric scooters being used in pitch black by drunk assholes dressed in shades of grey

I have been worried sick about hitting one and then one plows into me! and scoots off into the distance. ugh.

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