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:: 2017 14 June :: 10.00pm

my country is obsessed with fucking itself in the face

can somebody adopt me

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:: 2017 10 June :: 12.11pm
:: Mood: pensive

On Getting What You Want Out of Life
I have a habit of working myself all up to want something...really want something...and when I finally knock on the door of opportunity...I knock just once. Ba-dump bump, it's me, any room in the inn? and if it doesn't open, I turn away, go sit down, and remain motionless for years at a time.

I do not recommend this strategy.

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:: 2017 9 June :: 9.55pm

lol politics

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:: 2017 8 June :: 12.31pm

"I'm not going to sit here and try to interpret the President's tweets."

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:: 2017 28 April :: 9.54am

Puppy turned 6 months on April 19. I'd guess that he's over 40lbs now and looks like a little white and tan horse.

I'm trying to go part time at work so I can live my life.

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