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:: 2005 8 November :: 4.25 pm
:: Mood: dirty

I've decided I need this back.
Writing here is an emotional breakaway, I feel like since I stopped writing to get my feelings out, everything builds up inside me, and then I just want to scream.. or I do something stupid.

Basically, I got my license. Actually, it's a wicked cute story...the weekend before Halloween I was away in Palmer with USY. So when I got home Sunday night I was searching for my permit because my road test was scheduled for the following morning... I LOST IT! I was crying and screaming at my parents, and they're like what the hell?! and all this. So my mom, being amazing, waits with me at the RMV at 7:30 the next morning, so I could get a renewal permit before the driver's ed guy picks me up and then we go for my road test. So I took the road test at 10. I PASSED :) so after schoool daddy says "lets go test drive cars!" of course im like okayyy!!! yayyy!!! so we get to the dealership and the guy pulls around this honda CR-V in silver for me to test drive, but outside I saw the midnight blue one my parents had told me they really liked.. so yeah, I went out to look and there were birthday ballooons and a congrats banner, and i was like dad look its sold, and hes crying basically and goes "i hope you like it, its yours, happy early birthday" and i was in shockkk, my birthday isnt until febuary! but sweeetness, i love my midnight blue honda crv, sunroof, xm radio, madd space, its hott- even has a picnic table in the trunkish part- for tailgate/pregamming :) worddd!!!

so yes, life is hectic. The car and some other things are good but other stuff just brings me down. I haven't had a miserable day in two weeks, so thats good- I hope it stays like this for longer....
I'll write more later, I need to do some work, so Kacey can come over and we can watch Wet Hot American Summer tonight- yayyy! :o) <3

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:: 2005 20 September :: 3.19 pm
:: Mood: cold
:: Music: grateful dead

this is the story of a girl....
-1. midol is like crack. end of story.

-2. we will never be too old for sleepovers.

-3. gossip isnt a sin. its an art.

-4. we arent ashamed to cry.

-5. we must go to the bathroom in groups

-6. we have this thing called feelings. dont hurt them.

-7. we dont wake up looking pretty. it takes time and effort.

-8. sometimes is just never quite enough.

-9. we need girls nights OFTEN.

-10. we hold grudges and we never forget the things you say to us that hurt.

-11. it doesnt matter who dumped who or why. whenever we see an ex with another girl, it always bothers us. not because were not over you, but because we know we used to be that girl. and it tears us apart to see you move on

-12. makeup can hide so many things, like puffy eyes from crying to huge scars from a broken heart

-13. never ever ask a girl what she weighs; or imply anything about her weight being too much or too little. just don`t do it.

-14. NEVERRR ask a girl if shes being so bitchy cause of PMS...cause other things annoy us...duh

-15. we tell our friends everything about you, so be careful because whatever you say or do can be used against you

-16. as much as we say we didnt like u that much...we did

-17. girls notice every little thing so be careful what you say and do

-18. our eyes are located in our heads. not our chest or butt. when
youre not looking in our eyes, WE KN0W.

-19. we get a feeling in our gut when things are wrong (seriously true)

-20. sometimes we trust you because we want to even when we know you are lying, and it hurts

-21. if you say "i love you" to us, we think you are telling the truth 100%, once you stop saying i love you we get this feeling you don't feel the same anymore

-22. never sweet talk with a girl and then drop her in an instant after a week, our hearts aren't meant to be broken

-23. if you say your gonna call, call. if you don't, we'll take it as a sign that your busy with some other girl.

-24. we say i love you and mean it. we want you to say it back too, so don't waste your time with us if you don't feel the same way

-25. if you want to hang out with a girl, ask her to hang out. don't wait for her to ask

-26. every girl wakes up wanting to be swept off her feet by a boy who is willing to take the time to do that. what are you waiting for? get up & do something

-27. if you want a girl, get her

-28. not every girl wants "just a boy to hook up with", we all want serious relationships.

-29. don't let the girl be the first to IM you or call you, we get annoying after a while.

-30. we like to buy silly presents for you which shows we are thinking of you.

-31. if a girl says 'im fine dont worry about it', she either wants you to hold on to her during a hug or say i'm here for you, always know that.

-32. when you look into our eyes, show feelings

-33. if you love someone, show it. if you got something good, never let go. the minute you let someone out of your reach, she'll be with some other boy and your chance will be over. don't hurt our feelings, broken hearts are the worst thing you can do to us. if you care about someone, tell her.

-34. never tell a girl 'you just want to be friends', it never works out that way

-35. one night stands are the worst, don't try to get into a girls pants for one day, that sucks

-36. when we think we are in love, we start to listen to love songs and then put them as our away messages. we arent afraid to show the world we care about you, it would be sweet if you did the same to us

-37. hold a girls hand if she wants to hold your hand, kiss a girl in front of your friends. cuddle with us, cuddling is ..2 in a relationship

-38. trust is ..1, don't lose trust in us

-39. faith, always believe that things will work out in the end, never promise us forever because forever never works, but promise us you will love us as long as you can. please

-40. we really do love you even if sometimes we have our sucky days where everything in the world goes wrong. we just want someone to care about us at the end of the day

-41. call us to say goodnight, not too late though, girls can be cranky when they are woken up

-42. don't cancel our plans together to go 'chill with the guys', that is totally uncalled for.

-43. if we give you the silent treatment, you obviously did something wrong.

-44. i love you is the sweetest thing you can say to us

if you agree. repost and make the subject " the truth about girls"

if you agree repost this with (THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT GIRLS)

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:: 2005 22 August :: 9.11 pm
:: Mood: accomplished
:: Music: *Better Together- Jack Johnson*


summer 2005 in a nutshell. amazing kids, amazing trip. hectic, intense love I have for DOR L DOR 2005.. always & forever

dor l dor 2k5 lets keep these memories alive...<3
its always better when we're together **CAs 2005**

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