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:: 2016 6 November :: 7.16 am

At this stage, I don't even want to be informed anymore. I'm so tired of the hate and extremism and killing and terrorists and evangelicals and materialism and lying and assholes that I just never want to read or watch any "news" - or rather, people being dicks - ever again.


:: 2016 5 November :: 6.03 pm

My life is pretty fucking great. What am I always complaining about?


:: 2016 4 November :: 10.00 am

I always change my mind.


:: 2016 30 October :: 1.53 pm

Couples costumes make me want to hurl.

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:: 2016 27 October :: 4.28 pm
:: Music: Last Days of April: Life Companion Murphy's Law

Adults never tell kids that the best time of their lives will be childhood.
I feel deceived.


:: 2016 23 October :: 3.59 am

OMG he is SO HOT /dead.


:: 2016 21 October :: 7.58 pm

All day I was making myself physically ill with worry. Just what I did the last time I delivered this news only much worse this time.


:: 2016 18 October :: 11.38 am

Just because I can 'deal' with short-term loneliness does not mean I can handle it in the long-term. If I so choose, I'm not sure I could. Boredum is what eats me up. No one there, no one to talk to or do things with, it would suck.


:: 2016 16 October :: 9.51 pm

I can feel the walls closing in. They're soft but dense. They're slowly suffocating me.

I can't get out... I can't get out... I can't breathe in this. I'm going to die.


:: 2016 13 October :: 7.35 pm

That was not the first time I've been offered a threesome, nor the first time I've been offered money for sex/sexual favors.

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