He seemed no different from the rest Just a healthy normal boy His mama always did her best And he was daddy's pride and joy He learned to walk and talk on time But never cared much to be held and steadily he would decline Into his solitary shell As a boy he was considered somewhat odd Kept to himself most of the time He would daydream in and out of his own world but in every other way he was fine He's a Monday morning lunatic Disturbed from time to time Lost within himself In his solitary shell A temporary catatonic Madman on occasion When will he break out Of his solitary shell He struggled to get through his day He was helplessly behind He poured himself onto the page Writing for hours at a time As a man he was a danger to himself Fearful and sad most of the time He was drifting in and out of sanity But in every other way he was fine He's a Monday morning lunatic Disturbed from time to time Lost within himself In his solitary shell A momentary maniac With casual delusions When will he be let out Of his solitary shell


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:: 2005 26 May :: 9.04 am

i am very disappointed in myself. I left my slides in my car, so now during study hall i am in the library instead of the photo room where i really should be...im going to fail photo. stupid infared that didnt work...i still have to do my final!!! AHH this is screwing everything up all due to my stupidity.

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:: 2005 25 May :: 9.42 am

So im back to updating every day now...i was uber busy b4

i deleted all my email today! :) it felt good everything is gone! woo!

I have a presentation in government now, wish me luck, except i dont care anymore so wooo okie bye bye

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:: 2005 24 May :: 9.57 pm

Is it possible to say that everything is perfect right now? because it is.

Im so happy right now.

Prom was great

I wish ditch day could have been better...but i solved a crazy craving...doughnuts and french fries...hehehe

i just cant say it enough i am so happy right now. The art show was awesome i saw my good ol' friend shosty he was good. ...yaaaa

blah! :)


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:: 2005 29 April :: 9.05 am

Patrice made me realize that i was writing my last bio
Patrice told me that this saturday is out last tech saturday
Patrice also showed me the two huge movies showplace got this weekend, and rivertree isnt going to be that busy but i get to die at showplace all night
Patrice is a poo head!

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:: 2005 25 April :: 8.58 am

work was poopy. I had to stay an hour late because 2 busses of girls showed up to see the 615 a lot like love and there was 1 guy at concessions so they threw me back there with him and i had to get popcorn for an hour. blah. Then i did nothing. I ate ice cream, it was good. (lol details, no. hahaha) yeah...library is a snooze fest. My short story is 7 pages now. im getting close to where curry wants us to be! yay! :) I just have to come up with an ending, which is impossible. But I actually like my story! its a miracle i know! we'll see though, im sure ill change my mind tomorrow. Im hungry. we have band tonight...oh darn no crew...psh!

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:: 2005 21 April :: 8.59 am

My Happiness is a Golden Poem

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:: 2005 13 April :: 8.54 am

Being Silent is hard

Last night was so nice, not having anyhere to be or anything to do. Yeah it was nice, i scrapbooked, fixed my mp3 player, took a bath, and ate crappy food that was good woo! I dont know what to say right now so ill leave it at nothing...im bored. I cant come up with conflicts for creative writing so it sucks!

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:: 2005 9 April :: 6.26 pm

I enjoyed Last night. Ceritan people not showing up made me realize that i actually am content where i am now. I am happy. All i need is my friends, noting else. SO im good, im happy with the situation i have now. I like being able to gossip and tell secrets about other people while others are turned away...hehehe sandy...

Friday is going to ROCK!!! I am so excited for firday. Yeah for having out performance at 11pm and yeah for getting home late!!! :)

There is a hampster walking around the desk right now...shes moving the mouse and climbing on the keyboard...shes very cute...trying to eat the mouse pad and go into the speaker thats playing The Acadamy is...wooo! Ricky likes them too, thats awesome!

Im at my dads house...i wish i were home partying with Jackie and Jorie...oh well im not gonna be able to go to my dads for a while...

I GOT MY MP3 PLAYER!!! woooooooooo cept i cant put songs on it yet because this computer is too old and doesnt work with that stuff.

Im going to be very busy in the near future

Fire Therapy at my house next weekend...no boys allowed..sorry. We'll go girl scouting, complain, burn things, and eat lots of comfort food...even though i have to admit i have nothing to complain about...maybe ill save it for a later day then...hmm thoughts? anyone have anything to complain about? Let me know...

The hampster is in my pocket now..hehe it tickles

The thing in Jorie's journal is really good every guy should read it...i definatly agree with most of those

I saw forgotten today, good movie , eerie but good i liked it. Except when my brother screamed at the scary parts...it wasnt even that bad, just made you jump a bit you know? he cried afterwards....psh

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:: 2005 4 April :: 9.27 pm

Band rehersal was suprisingly very fun, at first i could not stop laughing at everything, at me at melanie, jimmy, sundell, but mainly the stupid things i came up with in my head...lol. it was fun, then i had a nice, long drive home which i enjoyed.

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:: 2005 4 April :: 12.10 am

Spring Break is over. Now back to life, all the fun has ended, and reality is back. Reality bites, im going to be busy now...sigh

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