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[ GothicGoddess ]

:: 2002 29 December :: 8.24 am

Gothic Meet up
Your Goth Meetup is 3 weeks away!
We're offering three different places in Birmingham, UK -
it's up to you to pick your favorite. Go here to vote:

We encourage you to invite a friend and/or
link to us. Find out how at:

Thanks for using Meetup!

The Meetup Crew


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[ GothicGoddess ]

:: 2002 14 December :: 12.07 pm


Sacramento, CA

is the next one its on @ 2:15-midnight, so i think u might be better off waiting for yours next month, its really not that long.

And yes since u are welome to sign up for another meetup the next lot are:

Dublin, Ireland
The Goth Meetup is at:
Gallagher's Boxty House, 20 Temple Bar, Dublin 2,

London, England
The Goth Meetup is at:
Sticky Fingers Restaurant, 1a Phillimore Gardens, London,

Manchester, UK
The Goth Meetup is at:
Coffee Republic, 1, St. Ann St, Manchester.

LOve Pam X

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[ GothicGoddess ]

:: 2002 14 December :: 8.34 am
:: Mood: sad

Bad News
We're sorry to report that your Goth Meetup
near Birmingham, UK is NOT happening this month
because less than 4 people voted on a venue.
It can take some time for word to spread, so don't
despair! Your Meetup may well happen next month. If
you can't wait another month for your Goth
Meetup, check and see if there's one happening in
another city near you:

You're welcome to sign-up for a different city.

We'll be in touch soon with details on next month's
Goth Meetup.

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[ GothicGoddess ]

:: 0 December :: 12.00 am

Welcome to the

and since none of the pix would show up on here i will just have to give u the web site but it needs to be updated.

check it out here!

Where you can place your poetry poetry, lyrics, and drum/guitar/bass tabs

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