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:: 2007 19 May :: 10.43 pm

There's a bug that lives in my head
He munches and crunches as I lie in bed
He eats away at my brain as I sleep
Tearing through my nerve cells so deep
I try to wake and here I die
As maggots' food do I now lie

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:: 2007 12 May :: 11.10 pm

Miss Myo, Miss Myo
Miss Myo Miss Myo
How doth you lie
On the ground and ask me why
Why does the sun rise?
Why does the bird fly?
Why is the sky blue?
Is every heart true?
Miss Myo Miss Myo
Oh my sweet dear
Trust in yourself; there is nothing to fear

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:: 2007 12 May :: 3.39 pm

It's a tea party
As was said
Before we would all go to bed
And wait for the morning sun
When night would o'er be won
And sir would bow
And farmer plow
That is the great tea party

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