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[ brokenheartedloser ]

:: 2003 6 November :: 7.24 pm

Okay kids lets all lose our kid in the mall.
Wow. That is so undescribable. I don't even know what to say about that. But it made us all laugh in class today. It was great. But really...How do you lose your 3 year old kid in the mall?

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[ brokenheartedloser ]

:: 2003 5 November :: 3.21 pm
:: Music: Brand New :-D

She was doing so well too.
Okay so yesterday she wasn't too stupid but she did say that we were supposed to do the evens and then decided she wanted us to do the odds..And THEN she said she wanted us to do either one we wanted..Hmm..Stupid.

And then today! DAMN was she stupid.
She said to some kid..(Not sure who it was..I wasn't paying attention...)"I'm going to change your A to a B+. ....No I'm just jokin. I just wanted to see your face drop."

"I want everyone's books open now starting.....starting now." She corrected herself..But still. Lol.

Okay and now she was trying to make US look stupid. Okay so she was taking attendance and to check up on herself she said.."Who wants to count and see if there are 31 people in here? ...Don't count me though."
Yea nice try stupid. :)

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[ brokenheartedloser ]

:: 2003 1 November :: 4.25 pm

Okay she tells us a formula on Thursday..She even looked it up in the book to check and see if it was right and then yesterday she tells us it was the wrong one. How the heck do you do that?!?

"It's a blonde thing. But I color my hair so I shouldn't have them." says stupid.

Chris this senior in our class asked her a question and she said..."You need to stop being absent Mr. Senioritis."


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[ brokenheartedloser ]

:: 2003 30 October :: 6.12 pm
:: Mood: giggly

Funny Stupid People
Lauren (stupid girl) says- "I think we should just not do this problem."
Monkey says - "No. I think you should just be quiet."
Tina says- "Hahahahahaha"
Tiphanee says- "Hahahahaha"
We laugh at stupid people and their funny remarks to eachother. Mrs. Grabowski did good. She said nothing stupid today.

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[ brokenheartedloser ]

:: 2003 29 October :: 3.27 pm
:: Mood: blah

Alot of stupid all in one!
Okay I have a ton of stupid to inform you about..Okay well to start..Me and Tiphanee found this in class last week.....
I thought math was like eating a mint.
Now I know it is a whole new element.
I'm seating in class with a row operations.
Looking at the walls, trying to figure the dimensions.
And that little sucker was from Stephen Stroder? I can't exactly read his last name. Lol.

"I'm sorry I stoled your book." (..Nice grammer.) Said yesterday by you know who.

"Don't worry about it...I haven't done this in awhile either." (..Note we have never done this ever.) Also said yesterday.

"If you ask me why you need a place holder and you're talking I'm going to scream." (..No so much stupid, I just found it funny.)

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[ brokenheartedloser ]

:: 2003 22 October :: 5.06 pm
:: Mood: bouncy

"I am going to be the meanest teacher next year...The meanest."

She makes me giggle.

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[ grabquotes ]

:: 2003 22 October :: 4.47 pm

You all behave now.
Okay this isn't to just make fun of her. This is just to show you all all of the stupid things she tends to say..Everyday. I'm going to try to get her students to join this community so we can all laugh about it. We do love her..Just she is stupid. So we just HAD to make fun of her publicly. So yes. Join the community if you want and post something you heard her say. NOTHING mean is allowed to be said..Unless it's about her being stupid. But this is only in harmless fun. So you all behave.

-The Grabquotes Master. Ha.

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