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User:graffiti (user# 5438)
Location: Rockford, Michigan, United States
AOL IM:LimboBoxx [add buddy]
Bio:I'm the coolest effing person you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting. <3
Friends:(7) arie, chubbs, DarkJackal72, klayman, Rob, Tbaby92588, TheDaRkerSiDe
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Interests:(74) 80's cartoons, amusement parks, AVENGED SEVENFOLD, bare feet, being in love, BLINK 182, blow pops, BRAND NEW, BRIGHT EYES, caffeine, capuccino, chaos, clever people, closeness, comedy central, complexity, cuddling, curiosity, dancing in the rain, DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL, daydreaming, DEF LEPPARD, doodling, eyes, feeling accomplished, fire, FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES, gold, green, HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS, HE IS LEGEND, HELLOGOODBYE, italian anything, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, late nights, mad tv, MATCHBOOK ROMANCE, meaningless conversations, METALLICA, michael ian black, music, mystery, night time, piercings, pillows, pink&black, QUEEN, rain, randomness, really loud music, red, SAOSIN, sarcasm, saturday nights, screaming until my throat is sore, SENSES FAIL, sharpies, sleeping, STORY OF THE YEAR, taco bell, TAKING BACK SUNDAY, tears, tennis, THE EARLY NOVEMBER, THE KILLERS, the OC, thinking, THRICE, thunderstorms, UNDEROATH, vh1, warmth, wasting time, when pens explode on idiots ;)
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