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User:hiphulagirl (user# 515)
Location: Philadelphia, PA, United States
AOL IM:UnversedLyric [add buddy]
Bio:Eat. Sleep. Make art. Work at Trader Effin Joes.
Friends:(4) everyfallingday, Munkysaurus, plainmornings, rockon14
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Interests:(55) Air Force, Air National Guard, alcohol, Alternative, argyle, atlanta, books, bowling, bracelets, cello, chili cheese fries, concerts, dancing, drums, emo, fortune cookies, friends, funky shoes, geeks, georgia, guitar, guys, holding hands, hugs, java, lipgloss, making out, milkshakes, monkeys, movies, music, penguins, photography, piano, punk, reading, shoelaces, singing, ska, sleeping, smiling, sporks, stars, stuff, sushi, sweaters, taco bell, tattoos, the beach, thrifting, twinkies,, vintage pin-ups, violin, writing
Created:2002-05-09 21:07:13
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