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User:hnybee288 (user# 24046)
Location: Maryland, New York (oh yea!!!), United States
AOL IM:Hnybee288, ShoRTy GuRL1190 [add buddy]
Bio:Image hosted by My name is annette and i live in maryland....i have a pretty big house and i am considered to be rich my a lot off ppl at school. Im not just stating the facts. Ne way, my boyfriends name is Evan and he is also my best friend (yes, a boy is my best friend...) u may be thinking that thats weird but i can always count on him. My mom is my other best friend cuz i can talk to her about ne thing. I play soccer for North High and Freedom United club soccer in the spring (woohoo it takes mad skill to be on that team....go me!) umm thats all i can think of brain dead out.
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