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:: 2006 24 August :: 2.14 pm

Yay :-) My aunt is coming over tonight and we're going to dinner. That is going to be fun :-) Tomorrow is the ultrasound so we're really excited. We have to finally sign up for birth classes too, we're a little late. Oh, and next spring or around there Charlie, Baby, and I are going to Connecticut to visit my friend! I'm so excited!

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:: 2006 22 August :: 4.09 pm

So on Friday morning I started having contractions. Went to our doctors appt. and took some tests.
I am measuring 32 weeks!

Crazy stuff. So we get another ultrasound on Friday. If I go into labor in the next 4 weeks they won't try to stop it.

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:: 2006 14 August :: 4.02 pm

64 days till baby!
Pretty interesting weekend. Charlie worked Saturday morning. I had intentions of getting up but those soon fell through. Sleep was nice. Found out some awful things on Sunday. Now I feel more alone. Cuddling is nice but it'd be nicer to be able to still trust you with my thoughts and feelings.

Second bridal shower (ha it's over two months after the wedding) was a lot of fun and I love Charlie's family. His cousin's baby Gracie was there and she's adorable. I can't wait to use our new waffle maker. :-)

I'm reading a pretty good book right now. It's called "To Feel Stuff" and now I'm almost done with it.

I'd write more, but my feelings kind of shut off. ha.

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:: 2006 10 August :: 5.08 pm

I quit Applause today. It's sad cause I like the people I worked with but it was getting too hard.
I think the baby's eyes are open now because there's a LOT more action going on in there! Wow.
I'm getting sick in the morning again. :-(
I'm kind of excited about going back to school but I know once I do I will be upset. I'm not going back until next year, probably winter. Just taking a couple night classes. I know it'll be hard to leave baby!
Nothing else is really happening at the moment, just sick a lot.

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:: 2006 9 August :: 7.43 pm

I can't wait till the hot weather goes away. It's starting to, but not fast enough!

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:: 2006 8 August :: 4.27 pm


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:: 2006 31 July :: 4.59 pm

So. I'm at my parents now cause it's 98 degrees and they have wonderful a/c. And we do not. :-) Last week I went to Labor & Delivery Triage cause Thursday I was running for the phone and the doorknob caught my belly and Friday I had a huge bruise. When I called they said we'd probably be there for 4 hours for monitoring. But it wasn't that long and everything is okay. Saturday I had to work (my last day! Hooooooray!) And Sunday was really nice :-) Today I had my 1-hour Glucola test where you drink the nasty sugar stuff (which didn't end up being all that bad) and then wait an hour in a noisy waiting room then they stab you in the arm and steal your blood. Okay, I may have been exaggerating a little. It's not really that bad. After drinking all that sugar the baby was going crazy in the waiting room and I couldn't stop laughing! He/she kept kicking my ribs and kicking sooooo hard I was moving around a little. After the test Charlie and I went to Panera :-D Yummy. Then I have to go back to the doc in a couple weeks. The date may be Oct. 28. That's what we're thinking. Anyway, our house is finally coming around we're getting stuff put away and everything. Yay! And it feels good to not have to work anymore.

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:: 2006 27 July :: 2.39 pm

Worked today. I am officially tired. But only 2 more days and I am on leave. Charlie said I could probably be off work until the baby went to preschool, but I'll probably want to go back at least part-time. I still have to finish school next year. And then 2 more years after that probably. But it's okay. Everything will get done in due time. I can feel where the baby is and how he/she is laying. Like I can feel where his/her back is. And you can see kicks really well now. Everyone keeps feeling my tummy. OH OH OH, we bought a crib last weekend and it came in so we're getting it on Saturday. It's awesome, it's antique walnut and it converts to a toddler bed then to an adult bed. We thought it'd be worth the 300 bones. So baby's nursery is almost done. Probably should have a baby shower soon. Another HUGE purchase we made this week: washer/dryer. After the whole situation with those (long story) we went to sears and picked out a couple Kenmore High Efficiency ones. They're coming today between 4:45-6:45 so that's awesome! They were way expensive ($1700) but they'll pay for themselves and using them won't hurt our energy/gas bills. So yeah, lots of purchases this week. This is a long entry really not about much.

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:: 2006 21 July :: 3.10 pm

I love my husband!
He just got a very large raise so I can now leave work! And once the baby comes there won't be a hurry for me to go back! :-)
He's really wonderful.

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:: 2006 19 July :: 1.58 pm

I just didn't think it was possible. But it's happened again. Goodbye.


In other news, I am now the proud owner of a pretty vaccuum! Whoo. hahaha. (I was actually excited about getting it. jeez) To complete my new look I will soon purchase an apron. You can actually see baby move now. Crazy! Like an alien!

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:: 2006 17 July :: 11.28 am

Who am I supposed to depend on when I am scared?
It's a lot harder than you think.
Went to Labor/Delivery yesterday and got hooked up to a bunch of machines. It's scary when you're normally active baby isn't so active for the weekend. So the nurse comes in and says "So you're expecting a little girl, huh?" Hmm... She says she thought she overheard "her" but... I still think it's a girl! Everything is okay. We went to the doctor today and got everything situated and now it's time to sign up for birth classes. Haha. Not signing up for classes at college. Nope, birth classes. Crazy how that works. Anyway, that's it for now.

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:: 2006 13 July :: 5.10 pm

Hm. Sad sad day.
I'm really upset that I didn't get in touch with her earlier. I didn't know. :-( My friend and I had the same due dates, but she gave birth to her twin girls. And it's heartbreaking. But I can't talk more about it because I will start crying again.

Reception is tomorrow. I know who is working it! YAY! Abbi and Jon :-) That should be fun!

Baby is kicking really hard and I can actually feel where the baby is and what is kicking/punching. haha. I'm going to be having a diaper party sometime real soon, I will get on the details later.

Anyway, gotta go.

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:: 2006 7 July :: 3.18 pm

Holy crap. I can't believe we're almost in the the 3rd trimester already. This is going so fast, which isn't hard to say anymore since I'm not getting so sick anymore. We painted the nursery and soon things will be set up. We have Charlie's old cradle and everything. Charlie can feel the baby now, so that's really wonderful. And I can all the time. It's really neat to know when my baby is awake and when he/she's not.
That was fun having everyone over yesterday! :-) I miss that.
And having this baby makes me miss the good in the world. I miss the pure, true, good that used to be around (like when you were younger). I only want that for our baby. Which is hard, because the bad things are how you learn.
Anyway, I'm kind of rambling. This weekend will be sooooooo great! My parents are at this house on Lk. MI in Muskegon right now and I've seriously wanted to go swimming for a looooooooooong time. YAY for RELAXING!

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:: 2006 30 June :: 4.47 pm

Almost vacation time!!! :-D
Today Charlie and I watched Chicken Run and ate breakfast in bed (he made us yummy eggs). It was really really nice. My car actually quit while I was in the process of driving it...on the expressway. So that was scary. It was the battery connection and now it's fixed but yikes. I called the doctor this week, I think Tuesday, because I keep getting sick when I try to eat in the morning/afternoon. They told me to come in cause I kept losing weight. I'm still 2 pounds under my original weight and I'm supposed to have gained more. Well, everything is fine, but they prescribed pills and I am not for taking them. Especially because if I didn't have insurance, to get 20 would be about $800 they said. So next week will be the big vacation! Then Friday the 14th is the reception!

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:: 2006 23 June :: 5.14 pm

Ready to see my cute little smiley baby?!?!
We got our 3-D ultrasounds yesterday and it was very wonderful. It's way too early for baby to smile but it does look like it. Baby is wayyy cute already! haha :-) We're so excited! Over half way there...

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I'll post more pics later.

(Oh, and for those who can't see it well, baby has her/his left hand over that side of her/his face) The other hand is up kind of too.

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