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:: 2003 15 July :: 10.58 am
:: Mood: bored
:: Music: The Remedy - Jason Mraz

I have several different reactions to hearing thunderstorms at 5:00 in the morning. My first reaction was that Laura was still mad at me. Okay, weird I know, but I was dreaming right when the storm started that Laura was still giving me heck for what I wrote in my diary and that the moment she started shouting at me thunder cracked. It was really strange. Anyway. My second reaction was NO SWIM PRACTICE. I'll tell you, that part of it really made the storm a blessing. Sometimes I really hate waking up at 6 to go dive into ice cold water. My third reaction was that when I cleaned my neighbor's pool, I would probably find a lot of things had fallen in. Bugs, leaves, um, frogs...I had to take a dead frog out of the pool once, it was incredibly discusting. Luckily I cleaned it today and there were no dead frogs ::phew:: Anyway. About a minute after the storm woke me up my dad comes into the room and tells me to go into the basement because it's a severe thunderstorm warning. It honestly was an awful storm. I could hear large hail peices hitting the house, there was a flash of lightning every few seconds, the thunder shook the house, and the rain was litterally coming down in sheets. It was pretty awful. Anyway.
I thought you may want to know the meaning of my screen name. It represents triple jump which was my favorite track event back in the spring. I ended up getting 7th in the city in it. Which is alright I guess. Anyway, I'll talk later!

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