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:: 2008 23 October :: 7.20 pm

Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park
I dragged Katti and Oliver to Fred Meijer Gardens today. I had to go for a class, had free admission with my course fee and free tickets for Katti and Oliver. So there was no reason not to go.

It was a little chilly because of the wind but walking was so nice.

Our power had gone out at the apartment and it got us out of the house.

Oliver is a photog currently sans camera so he took a lot of pictures. He jumped for that camera every time I had it out. Poor kid.

He also saw a lot of plants that he has here at the apartment only in a larger form. It struck fear in his heart.

I am so glad I live with these kids. They are good times.

I love you all.

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:: 2008 3 April :: 2.35 am

Hey, remember Mark Ruffalo?

Apparently that picture found its way onto I feel famous now.

I did a speech on Hungary earlier this week and all I could think about was deciding on the train to meet Bekka that Budapest sounded fun and cheap. And riding that cold war creepy night train from Venice to Budapest. Seeing Budapest come up on the list of departing trains.

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:: 2008 31 March :: 12.33 am

Today is a graduation freak out day. Reason for freak out: all events after graduation are unplanned and unknown. Even my job is tied to school. After graduation I have nothing. I have real life.

I just wish I could be back where I had no responsibilities, no worries. Laura said it will always be like this. It was worth it.

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:: 2008 21 March :: 8.49 pm

Au soleil ou sous la pluie
It's snowing. No joke. It has been so nice and warm[er] this week and today it decides to snow. Not cool, Michigan, not cool. What are those poor kids going to do for an Easter egg hunt? Are they going to have to do it inside? How lame.

I would like to tell you a story. There was was a beautiful little French town named Collioure...

This town had everything you could have ever wanted. It was adorable, located right on the Mediterranean Sea and small enough that it felt like no one but you knew about it.

The water was beautiful and cool every day. It soothed hot sore feet and was so clear you could see every rock and fish.

The town had its own fort protecting the city. This fort had been a castle and a second home to royalty before becoming the strong fort it finally was. It sat above the town protecting the homes that would someday be vacation homes to nice British people.

This town was visited by three girls one May.

These girls had so much fun, they never wanted to leave the little town. Late that afternoon, as the girls were soaking their sore feet in the cool sea, one of them spied a rock in the distance.

One of the girls remarked upon the likeness of that rock and a rock in a movie called The Little Mermaid. "Didn't that take place in France?" one of them remarked. The other two agreed and then the first declared joyfully that this town was where that mermaid washed up and the fort was where the prince lived.

The town, already a beautiful town in its own right, became majestic in their eyes. It became The Little Mermaid town. They visited it once more before they left France and it was still just as gorgeous and just as magical.

When any of them worried, felt stressed, homesick, tired or hated the weather, they thought of that town and were once again teleported back to its rocky beaches, narrow streets and magical waters.

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:: 2008 11 March :: 12.25 am

Andy helped me with my password. Thanks, Andy!
It was sunny outside today and it is getting warmer. I loved it because when I was in the sun, it was warm. It is no longer winter to me when the sun actually produces warmth and you can feel a temperature difference. We got out to the car this morning and it was warm from sitting in the sun since sunrise.

I am pumped for more sunny days like this. I am even more excited for rain and storms.

Which brings me to my first photo in my new photoblog:

I took this out my bedroom window in France. This was the second and last day of rain during our stay. It didn't rain a lot since we were on the leeward side of the Pyrenees. All we got was terrible, horrible wind that would last for days. On this day, I opened my bedroom window and sat on my bed, watching the rain. I love rain.

I love you all.

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