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takingbackstina - 6/14/2004 : 16:13
because you kill me, you know you do, you kill me well
takingbackstina - 6/3/2004 : 23:16
it's thoughts like this that catch my troubled head when you're away and i am missing you to death
takingbackstina - 3/27/2004 : 2:13
i believe that lovers should be draped in flowers, laid entwined together on a bed of clovers, left to sleep, left there to dream of their happiness...
takingbackstina - 1/25/2004 : 1:18
pRoViNg LoVe WaS wOrTh DyInG fOr
takingbackstina - 1/18/2004 : 21:15
when your eyes meet mine, they won't see no lies, just love
takingbackstina - 1/1/2004 : 0:29
we draw diagrams of suicide on each other's wrists and trace them with razorblades
takingbackstina - 12/31/2003 : 10:17
make me a mixtape that brings me closer to you
takingbackstina - 12/20/2003 : 10:57
don't you ever think that for one second i forgot the reasons that i cried... regret's how i spell your name in light of what you have done...
takingbackstina - 12/14/2003 : 13:58
i had a dream last night and in that dream i took a knife to you. i slit your throat from ear to ear. the wound was gasping for the air your scream so clear...
takingbackstina - 12/10/2003 : 10:29
kisses are never safe when residue of old love is left... how could i feel lesser when someone better walks around?
takingbackstina - 12/8/2003 : 0:42
i learned to break yesterday, destroy tomorrow
takingbackstina - 12/6/2003 : 0:8
tommy gun.blood lust.a prefect teenhood.fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck
takingbackstina - 11/29/2003 : 2:5
they mean nothing anymore...
takingbackstina - 11/26/2003 : 2:13
do you think of me? do you dream of me? i always dream about you...
takingbackstina - 11/10/2003 : 10:15
three stirkes, you're out. you're no more use to us...
takingbackstina - 10/28/2003 : 9:54
i'm falling, further away from you... i stumble, still waiting, for your answer...
takingbackstina - 10/23/2003 : 10:4
dragging fingers through constellations
takingbackstina - 10/14/2003 : 10:22
if it's not keeping you up nights, then what's the point???
takingbackstina - 10/10/2003 : 10:22
well which would you prefer? my finger on the trigger or me face down, down across your floor? ...well just so long as this thing's loaded
takingbackstina - 10/9/2003 : 10:0
i just wanna feel this way forever. it's so hard for me to understand... why i hadn't found you before
takingbackstina - 10/6/2003 : 23:29
i'll miss you when you're gone, in pretending that you meant the world to me...
takingbackstina - 10/6/2003 : 1:19
i didn't think there was anybody out there for me but that all changed the moment i met you
takingbackstina - 10/3/2003 : 10:5
a fucking waste of my time is all that you've become
takingbackstina - 10/2/2003 : 10:0
i scream just to feel something. this situation isn't getting any better, i see that look in your eye.