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User:infinite (user# 7642)
Location: belmont, Michigan, United States
AOL IM:zeronitemare1 [add buddy]
Bio:grew up in cedar springs, mi my whole life. i've had dreams of moving away to some unspecified distant place but that's only my dream. the reality f it all is that i'm too connected to the places, people, faces i love. my favortie band is the smashing pumpkins. music, friendship, love, trying too hard understanding life are the passions of my life. i have a hard time letting go of my blind/bleak idea of how the world is/should be/can be. i'm a rather positive an open person if you talk to me, so don't be afraid to IM if i'm on or reply to something i post.
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Interests:(6) being smelly, clementine, moulding, MUSIC!!!, smashing pumpkins, video games
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