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:: 2006 17 June :: 11.25 pm

i'm baaaack.

i haven't used this journal since tenth grade.
since then:
-lost weight.
-became part of the nerd herd
-graduated high school
-got accepted into college
-made bad choices, lived, learned.
-had three girlfriends and one girl that was close enough to being a girlfriend.
-stopped capitalizing and using proper english structural rules.

it wouldn't hurt to write down how i feel every once in a while. i deleted my livejournal accounts because of an insane ex, and i think this will be a nice safe haven for my ideas and thoughts.

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:: 2004 11 August :: 11.36 pm
:: Mood: uh oh.
:: Music: The Killers-Somebody Told Me

I think I've come to a few real tough crossroads. Do I chose my friends or academics? A career option or a few other choices? Which friends do I chose? Druggies, sex addicts, or nerds? Do I forget my best friend and move on or never give up hope that he'll stay? Life is a real son of a bitch.

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:: 2004 20 June :: 10.59 pm
:: Mood: full
:: Music: Grey Does Matter-Sinking

Wow, its been a month since the last update. Sheesh.

Well, lots has been going on since then. Graduations (not mine), parties, vacations, and so on.

Yeah, three graduations in one week. Both of my sisters (one graduating high school, one graduating Jr. High) and my mom (recieved her B.A. in Deaf Studies from CSUN). So now my little sister will be in high school with me. Whoop. Five bucks says she'll give me some weird look everytime she passes me. Then there's my older sister. Shes goin' off to college. Well, kinda. Community college. She'll be in our house 'til shes 30. Watch. But it wasn't only my older sisters grad. Lots of my friends graduated. Vince, Manouk, Masta Bates (Kyle), A.J., Mark, Brittany B. and Brittany Alabran, and tons of others. Man. Next year will be awkward, with so many friends gone. Man... But hey, I got my Jerkheads (Brian, Dave, Max, and Sean) to look forward to. And some of the Fantas (Meg and Duff, since I'm not really friends with the others. Yet.) Wow, I'm totally jumping around here. Oh well.

Alright, I'm gonna make the parties real quick here. Meg's b-day party. I got her a Peeps shirt, Peeps key chain, and some money. Cool beans. Then the grad party. Some of my family showed. Not many. Oh well. You see, short.

Now on to the vacation. I went to Mexico. On a cruise. Just got back a few days ago. I want you to notice something. On the Royal Carribean, or whatever, commercials, notice how many times they show the inside of the boat. Once. For the ice rink. My boat didn't have one. Sure, it had the rock wall, but overall, the ship sucked. Before we even got outta port on the first day, all the adults who could drink did. There were glasses of booze everywhere. Cruises aren't for kids. Lemme tell you that. However, the boat did stop at Catalina, San Diego, and Mexico. Those places were fun. In San Diego, I got to tour the U.S.S Midway, an old aircraft carrier. Really cool. I also picked up some newspapers from the day after Pearl Harbor (it says "WAR DECLARED!" on the front) and the day after the peace treaty was signed ("PEACE"), ending WWII. They're really cool. Exact replicas. Then off to Catalina, where we (my family and myself) rented a golf cart and went around the city of Avalon. Its an awesome city, but small and doesn't have much to do. It also smells like gasoline. Then the next day, we were off to Mexico. Ensenada, Mexico. When we were there, we went on a tour to La Bufadora, or "the one who blows" in English. La Bufadora is the world's largest water spewing cave thing. Its cool. But to get to La Bufadora, you gotta go through this flea market. Man these Mexicans are nuts. They practically drag you into their stores. Really nice people though. Bargaining with them is also welcomed. Thats always fun. I bought some fake Ray-Ban (I call them my Bay-Rans) Aviators (they look real, so who has to know they're fake?) for 7 bucks. Also bought a Spanish style guitar for $45, but I'm sure I coulda gotten it for cheaper. I really didn't feel like bargaining more. I also got a Tequila shot glass/flask combo for 10 bucks. Man I love Mexico. They give you free churros. No joke.

Well, thats all I really wanna say right now, except I got some new background music on my journal now. Its from a band called Grey Does Matter, and the song is called "Sinking". I like it.


:: 2004 20 May :: 12.35 am
:: Mood: amused
:: Music: Pale New Dawn-Dreams in Romance

"Domo arigato Mr. Roboto,
DOMO!!! ::boop boop::
DOMO!!! ::boop boop::"

AH! I love it. Boop.

Haha, I find it funny when my dog walks right toward me, and then at the last second, turns away. What.

Today was, um, Wednesday. Or else...

Starts off as a regular day, only the classes are shorter because of a ground-breaking ceremony after school (our school is getting rebuilt). I had to sing at that. We sang Irving Berlin's America and the Star Spangled Banner. We sounded good, duh. Then after that I went home, ate a taco, and halfway through my taco, my driving instructor came for my drivers training, so I munched it down as I was running out the door and hopped in the back of the Mustang. The girl that was driving us back to the driving school was hot. Um. And I had taco breath, shit.

So it was my turn to drive and I did good. Drove around Canyon Country and a little of my home town. Um, Saugus. Not Glendale. The driving instructor said I did really well in the second hour, because in the first I didn't know how to drive (like she wanted me to at least). So now my permit is activated. Cool. And I already have my own car.

Sunday, I'm back-tracking.

San Diego. Went to San Diego for a concert. I thought we sounded like crap. Well, on Wade in de Water at least. We had to start over. Jeez. My voice was shot by the end of the night, since we had to sing at a rehearsal, perform with my choir, and then perform with the mass choir (San Diego and ours). I hate being first Tenor. 2nd Tenor Pride!

On the way home, Dave and I bonded. It was cool. Many inside jokes..

I'm soooo busy until the end of the year. Stupid choir banquet.

AGHHHH!!! THERE'S A SPIDER ON MY ARM!!!!!!!!!! Jeez, I hate spiders. Love Spiderman. Hate spiders.

Well, I'm done. OR ELSE!!!

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:: 2004 15 May :: 11.17 pm
:: Mood: itchy
:: Music: Millencolin-Home from Home

I don't wanna go to San Diego tomorrow. My voice is shot from singing 1st Tenor.

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:: 2004 11 May :: 12.36 am
:: Mood: amused
:: Music: NoFx-Mattersville

They say a friend,
Is one whos there,
A friend is a guy,
Who really does care,

I have a friend,
Like one of those,
We have inside jokes,
About a bus and a hose,

We've had some good times,
Some good times indeed,
Those joke don't stop,
About a horse or a steed,

So when we're old,
And in old rockers,
Wearing blue striped shirts,
And suspenders with Dockers,

We'll still make jokes,
About a cookie or duck,
And joke about dancing,
Or driving a truck,

So this is to you,
My good friend Nick,
So let's make some jokes,
About a guy named Dick.

"About Me and Boots"-Peter Schmid

Well, I wrote this poem just for the hell of it, and at first I didn't wanna post it, but then I was like, whatever, and then posted it. Yeah.

So lately I've been up to tons of stuff. Let's start with... Wednesday? Yeah, Wednesday.


THAT was a long day. I wake up, and go to school like usual. So school was, meh. Same as always. But after school was a new thingy. Well, afterschool, I had to take a test to get into Honors English 10 Team. I get there and I figured it would be, write an essay about something, define some words, etc., but it turns out it was only to analyse two poems. Then you had to compare and contrast the writers' (as in two) views on the birds they describe in the poems and the observers of the birds in the poems. It was tough, because there wasn't much to contrast. There was tons to compare with: birds, flocks, formations, observers actions... So yeah, we had to write a formal essay on that. I didn't finish it completely. I got to the last paragraph, the conclusion, and they called time. Oh well. No biggie.

Later that day, I had to go to a dress rehersal for the Spring Concert. I got shouted at for being late, DESPITE telling my director I would be late ahead of time. Jeez. So I worked the curtains. Which I'm good at, I guess. Dooley said it. Not me.


During the school day, I found out that I had got into Honors English, woot! Then again, almost everyone did. That's cool.

Then onto the Spring Concert. I had to work curtains, and TRY to keep people backstage quiet. HA! The people in choir are such dipshits. They seriously don't know when the fuck to shut it. Idiots. So I pulled curtains, and when we sang we sounded awesome.


Picked up my tux for prom.

I was going to go to Vince's, but got lazy and didn't feel like going.


Got my haircut. I hate it, even though people say they like it. I hate it. I looooooved my long hair. I miss it. Now I gotta wait a few months for it to grow back. Its funny, in my DMV ID card, I have my big poofy hair. Now I have short, clean cut hair.

Prom. DOOOOOD (dude.). It was awesome. Before the prominade, it sucked, since I didn't know anyone but Merff (if you don't know the nickname by now, just shut up) on my bus. But when I got to the Sony Studios place down in Carson City (?) it got better. I shook it (danced), took pictures, hung out with my friends. Good times. There were some SLUTTY dresses at Prom. Jeez. I'm surprised their boobs stayed IN the dress. Serious. On the bus ride home, my good buddy Brian and I decided we'd start a Ska band, as soon as his grades went up. He'd play bass, I'd sing and maybe play guitar.


Went to the Museum of Tolarence in LA today. I went there before. It was better the first time I went, since there was no certain time we had to leave, I got to check out everything. But today was okay. After that, we (my Mod Civ or history/English class and the AP Euro class) went to the Pavilion Mall right down the street. Had some Chinese food. Mmmm... Fun game my friend told me, you ready for this? After you read your fortune cookie, add "Between the sheets." to the end of it. You get some funny stuff. So we ate, and looked around the mall. Went into EB Games, then left, then to Barnes and Noble, then left, then BACK to EB Games where I bought a game for my Gamecube (Metroid Prime), and a magazine. Then we left. Then we went to See's Candy. Bought a small box o' chocolates (insert Forrest Gump quote here). Then we left. Then we went onto the bus. Then we left. Then we came back to school. Then I left. I am home now.

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:: 2004 29 April :: 11.18 pm
:: Mood: chipper
:: Music: Ram Jam-Black Betty

Dude. Dude. Dude. Lots have happened since the last update.

Well, for those who read my last entry, you'd know that I had to take my permit test last Friday. So I did. I get to the DMV and I'm like, well, this will be boring, just sittin' here for a while... Turns out, I only had to sit there, for like, 5 minutes. Not only that, my buddy Eddy Solis was there too. Like I said, I sat there for my 5 minutes and then went to some old lady and she did the stuff. You know, the "Is this information correct?" and all that fun stuff. You know the one where shes like "Okay, now close one eye and read the chart"? I did that, and then she told me to switch eyes, but I pressed on my other eye when I closed it and made it all blurry, so I was like "Oh no!" But I did fine. Then I went over and had my picture taken. My mom said it looked like a mob shot. My hair filled the whole picture. No joke. I took my permit test and only missed 2, but those were trick-courtesy questions. No fair. Now on to later that day.

After the DMV, I went to a rehearsal for the Rene Claussen festival coming up soon at school. That was okay. The San Diego choir was supposed to be there, but they cancelled last minute. Dag. Then on to another rehearsal, at church.

So yeah, I had a rehearsal at church for my Confirmation. That went longer than it should have, just because of bad planning. So my sponsor and I were there from like 7 til 9 or 10. The next day was a very, VERY big day for me.

Saturday morning. I wake up and my grandparents are here. "Why" you may ask. For my Confirmation. So we get ready and go to the mass. Everything went good. I got lots of cool gifts like a ring, two necklaces (One of St. Gregory, the saint whose name I picked as my own. Just so you know, he's the patron saint of music, singing, and musicians along with some other stuff. The other of a gold Roman cross with Jesus attached to it.), some money and a Rosary. Good day.

Then Sunday. Went to church like always. After church, my family and I went out to IHOP (I Hate Overweight People). Well, on the way home we see the auto thingy at COC. So we drive in there (everyone else was walking) and my sister sees this car she wants to buy (a '91 white convertible Toyota Celica) and later that day, she gets it. Guess what this means, I get the Swedish Tank. Yeah, my first car, an '85 red Volvo 240. Not only that, its free. AND! it only has 82,000 miles on it. Freakin' amazing. My car. Whoa. And I just got my permit.

The rest of this week was okay. I got insurance for my car (WHAT!) and finished up the STAR testing. Its stupid though, they could have finished the testing LAST week if they made us test the whole day instead of HALF of a MINIMUM day. Idiots.

Today we (the choir and I) sang for Mr. Bolde (our principal/JFK) since it was his birthday. I thought we sounded great. It was cool. Also, there was voting today for next years' ASB. I voted for Jackie. I'm cool that way. Or something. It didn't seem like any of the candidates were ready or qualified for the positions. Then again, "a janitor could run ASB" like what my friend Boots said.

And I'm done. Anyone figure out the riddle from the last entry?

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:: 2004 23 April :: 12.33 am
:: Mood: happy
:: Music: Lagwagon-Status Pools. Duh.

Oh man, my permit test it tomorrow and I have to study for it up the yin-yang. Oh boy.

I need to update more. BUT FIRST, I need thingys to talk about. SECOND! I've listened to Status Pools (y'all should know what I'm talkin' about here) like, 2,344,981 times by now. Mmm... Lagwagon goodness.

So, this weeks been cool so far. On Monday, Concert Choir had the SCCEA Festival at Hart High. Fun. The singing and sitting there was okay, but, like always, I have a good time taking pictures of things. So I did.

Vince won the 300 dollar scholarship. Woot, go Vince! So yeah, he was picked from a bunch of other kids from other choirs and schools. Rock on Vince. I got an AWESOME picture of that.

And then I tweaked it a little.

Oh, and my school and I ('cept for the seniors, lucky bastards) have been taking the CAT whatever tests, which means MINIMUM DAYS!! Boo-ya! ANYWAY, I've been chillin' here at home, playing a little guitar, watchin' movies, playing video games, and eating. Good life. Well, I don't feel like typing anymore, so I'll leave you with this thought. What is it that spelled wrong is right and right is wrong?


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