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:: 2005 15 April :: 3.01 pm
:: Mood: gloomy
:: Music: Not By Choice- Standing all alone

Two Years Two Months and a goodbye
I had a good day. I went to first block bowling class. Then Sean and I left. We went to Tommys Cafe for breakfest. Then Bowling. Then Pool. Then Chinese food in the park. It was a beautiful day out. Now he is preparing to board a plane and Im sitting here wondering what I am going to do with myself all night.

I can make this good or I can make this bad. I wonder. Well, I'll go now.


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:: 2005 12 April :: 7.56 pm
:: Mood: annoyed

Dearest children of Cicero North Syracuse,
Take a deep breath, relax and pull your heads out of your asses.

Karlene G. Schond

I will never step foot in that building again after I graduate.


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:: 2005 11 April :: 7.47 pm
:: Mood: bored

Like the sun spots or raindrops
This is getting boring. I havent watched this much tv in so long. I am getting fat off the continuous milkshake in my mouth. Although I enjoy milkshakes. And I love Big Dip. They sent my flowers and wordsearches and they are the best people ever. Fresnos...you jerks.

Im lonely. I get company. Sean sat on the couch with me all day on Saturday and did absolutely nothing but make me soup and help my parents around the house. What a nice guy. <3 But no matter what...I get lonely again. This house has that effect.

Im not used to not working either....thats weird. Im so not busy it freaks me out. I need work.

Sean leaves me Friday for California. I am going to be quite alone and quite bored. I will work a lot. Plus I get to pet sit, eat food on a big comphy couch and watch movies on a big screen. Although movies are much more entertaining with others and dinner isnt the same when you have to make it for yourself. I will have Tasha and Big Dip also. Im still scared.

3 days...thats a load of crap....you are never going on a vacation without me again. End of story.

So thats that....


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:: 2005 8 April :: 9.49 am
:: Mood: ouchy
:: Music: Foo Fighters- Times Like These

So this kind of blows
I have mono...I had to get blood taken and I was all by myself and it sucked. The dangely thing in my throat is stuck to one of my tonsils because it is in the way...it looks silly. In 10th grade Lisa and I said we wanted to get mono together...we have accomplished our goal but it isnt as much fun as it sounded...I should see if she'd like to join me later.

Fresnos is mad at me because I can not work...assholes.

I feel like a huge slushie or milkshake from Big Dip...that would be outstanding.

Prevention Night is tonight and I really really want to go but I feel like crap. Im going to have to beg to get there...but Ill get there.

Well Im going to go lay down.


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:: 2005 3 April :: 3.08 pm
:: Mood: lazy
:: Music: Cauterize

Monday- Frez @ 430
Tuesday- Big Dip @ 4
Wednesday- Big Dip @ 430
Thrusday- Frez @ 430
Sat- Frez and Big Dip
Sun- Frez and Big Dip

I think I have mono...I feel good enough to do nothing about it though.


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:: 2005 26 March :: 7.19 am
:: Mood: sick
:: Music: Juliana Theory- Constellation

Goodmorning Sunshines
So I spent all yesturday sleeping. I dont have strept but I have massive lumps in my throat and nasty white stuff on my tonsils. So since they dont know what it is I have I have to make sure I dont get mono. Yummy.

I didnt go to work yesturday which means my paycheck is going to be shit. I dont care anymore I guess. Big Dip is probably opening up this week and that will determine my staying at Fresnos. When I know I dont have to take shit .. why should I?

I feel kind of lonely at this particular moment but that could be a number of things.

I think I have decided that Im not going to ball...it is easier that way. I really do want to get all dressed up and look pretty and all that ball stuff but I dont feel like being stressed out nor do I feel the urge to fight with my parents about the after plans.

I work all day today... LUCKY ME.


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:: 2005 18 March :: 5.09 pm
:: Music: The Beautiful Mistake- Anonymus vs California

I will disregaurd this day
So I woke up late. I got to school and did my thing....minding my own business... and up walks Mr. Frost. Mr. Frost likes to put my boyfriend down and tell me how bad a kid he is. Well Mr Frost...I know him a tad bit more than you...dont tell me what to expect. Then Mr Frost gets his science buddies on me. "That is a dangerous situation"....FREAK OUT. So then I calm myself down and realize the school is a dick. Move on. Get to lunch and have a group of thugs siting at my table. I have a break down. I totally flipped out on them. I went nuts. It was hillarious though. My adreniline was pumping so bad...I was shaking and convulsing. I sat down with the little fuckers and they finally moved. It wasnt funny at the time but now its hillarious. I never flip out like that. So that was that. Go get my mom flowers since its her birthday. Eat at Seans. Go to the lanolium place with my mom.

My floors were stainded today so my house is full of fumes....Im going to get sick lol.

Time for work... I dont feel happy..visit if you can


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:: 2005 16 March :: 9.25 pm

why do you always have to kill me....fuck you...i wont put up with this again...fuck you


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:: 2005 16 March :: 8.33 pm
:: Mood: full
:: Music: Train- Days

good times
Today was good .. yeah Im serious lol.

School was same old minus I accomplished a few things... kinda. Then I took Sean home and I went home. Tasha came and picked me up. We went and got Matt and went to Halo. Then to Zebbs. Then we hung out in the driveway with Matts cat. We left and Tash and I went to Boombabies which was an experience. We ran out of gas and things began to beep. So we hunted down a gas station in the city, got gas and moved on. We didnt find much at BoomBabies that looked good but it was still fun. We went back to her house and then I went home.

Here I am.

I dont think I am going to go to ball. Yuck

Anyways....good day.


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:: 2005 14 March :: 9.27 pm

so I was at work today and I looked in the mirror and decided I think I am seriously really ugly.

Thats all...+ a pig hat.


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:: 2005 13 March :: 1.05 am
:: Mood: amused
:: Music: Silence

So today I worked from 10:45 until 3:15. It was a very interesting time in my life.
1. Ammunition hidden on table 6...yes live ammunition
2. Tranvestite in womens bathroom...how does that work?
3. Old man at the bar who was telling me everyone in the universities were idiots and knocked on his door for answers. He said he was planning on taking over NASA and he is talking to the senetor in Haiwi about how to save the state and its energy crisis. Compulsive Liar??? That seems to be a common factor among humans these days.
4. Tacos and basket catching on fire in the middle of the service isle and waitress (very smart ones) trying to blow it out.

So that was work.

Then it was off to my Uncles and Aunts house with the famdamly. Sean and I played with my cousins daughter the whole time. She is absolutely adorable. So are Beamer and Buddy.

Then a snowball fight with the Straders and friends. I got pegged in the eye ... It left a nice little mark.

Mario party...I lost.


I have to get up at 6:50 tomorrow morning for work and Im learning new things so we'll call it a night.


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:: 2005 9 March :: 6.26 pm
:: Mood: unhappy
:: Music: nothing

Goodevening, I hate liars.

So Ive come to the conclusion Im damned to a life of misery and woe. Maybe it isnt that severe but for right now it might as well be.

To come flat out and say it...Im not happy.
Im overwelmed between school, family, sean, work, money, being fat and anything else you feel like adding to the list.
I hate winter...nothing good ever comes out of it.
I have a big feeling that ball isnt going to work out.
My parents just gave me the "you slacked off and you are going to in college. Party and sex. Money" talk. I hate when my dad acts like Im some incompetent asshole and especially in front of my mom because she feeds off that shit. She walks by and sighs and makes all those "my life is so difficult and I blame it on you and the rest of the world" sounds.
They kill me. Walk in the house in silence...say nothing to me. She bitches at me for whatever she can. He sits and pretends to ignore it. He doesnt like her let alone love her. She fakes it so when I go to college she still has a home to fake be happy in. Paint the walls and strip the floors....whine about it and fake a happy home. This house is ridiculous and everyone knows it. The colors you have chosen prove it.
Im failing like three classes because I miss school so much. I can make it all up but I have to get out of this attitude.
Everyone is going in this other direction which is fine but I feel kind of alone where I stand. Sometimes I think the only reason I stand here is because you hold me here. I think in the long run thats a good thing. I kind of feel left out from everything though. I am left out from everything. I remember the days when people liked calling me up and hanging out with me and now its like you call me up if no one else is home.

On a lighter note...I get to watch Forest Gump friday night and I havent seen it in a looooong time so Im excited.
Lisa and I might go see Hawthorne Heights on Monday.

Well I have a lot of homework to do to get me unfailing... Sorry I complain so much.


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:: 2005 5 March :: 9.52 am
:: Mood: content
:: Music: Floors being sanded

Last night was nice. Sean took me out to a suprize restauraunt which ended up being Delmonicos. I dressed up and fell on the way in...it was definetly ridiculously funny.

My schedule for work next week is the same as this week minus the fact Im working all day on Saturday. It is kind of annoying because Im mostly first cut and first cuts dont get many hours. Maybe I can stay for Lauren seeing how she never cares. : )

Im massively failing 5 weeks so we have to keep that from the parentals. Photo, PIG, Mature Adult...yeah bad.



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:: 2005 1 March :: 7.03 pm
:: Mood: uncomfortable
:: Music: Further Seems Forever- Pictures of Shorelines


Today Lisa Lauren and I went out to eat at Fresnos. I choked on water and spit it out everywhere and made some really strange noices...it was worth it though. Lisa came to my house and we looked at Ball and Warped Tour stuff. We got somewhere...kind of.

Im in a ehh mood right now. I cant explain it. I dont like it though. I have so much homework I should really be doing right now and Im not.

I feel really crappy right now.

Maybe Ill go eat Chicken Catchatore (sp?)...maybe not.

Work Schedule:

Mon 6
Thurs 4
Fri 4
Sat 4
Sun 8am

Not too shabby...

Im going to the gym tomorrow to get depressed. Yes, I find the gym depressing.

Why am I talking right now.


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:: 2005 24 February :: 10.38 am
:: Music: Hot Rod Circuit- Knees

"you can wake me when we get there cause i dont care if i see the daylight

So it's thursday in mid winter break...that means its almost over. That sucks. I still have a bunch of work to do that I havent even started on. Shit...I just realized the extent to that. I got three new cds over the course of this vacation and that makes me happy. I worked two day shifts at work which were fun and now I get to work my weekend away. I wish I minded.

I think Im supposed to hang out with Jay and Allen today. Im guessing they are still asleep right now. I also have to clean my room and instead of doing all this Im sitting on the computer....god I suck. Im the biggest procrastonater EVER.

Ug...I get to work with incompetence...so if anyone would like to visit me and help me regain my sanity that would be awesome.

I guess thats that.


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