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:: 2007 7 December :: 8.20 pm
:: Mood: satisfied
:: Music: wo chao xi huan ni - fahrenheit

i am muy happy. no hw in ap english, finished physics hw at school, no econ hw, and all i have is current event for driver's ed, which is eeasy peasy! :]

i feel very relaxed & satisfied with myself. wheeee. still waiting for xmas break to come. hopefully the wait won't be very long. ^^

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:: 2007 6 December :: 5.30 pm
:: Mood: lazy
:: Music: zhi dui ni you gan jue - fahrenheit

mm i think i will be using my blogger a lot more now. i feel bad for it 'cause it's been neglected for too long by me. i'll update my woohu every once in a while now, too. nothing really to update about, though.

OH. except i think i may have witnessed the cutest thing today. idk if they knew i was listening, but yeah.
*we are outside and it's raining*
lance: you didn't bring a jacket today?
myles: nahh.
lance: you wanna wear mine?
... and then myles ruins it...
myles: man, that's hecka gay!

aww. i've never heard of a guy giving his jacket up for another guy before. it's cute :]

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:: 2007 19 November :: 5.24 pm

i have not updated this in such a long time. today, i'm going to all the weblogs and thingies that i have made in the past and looking at them over again. soo many o______O

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