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:: 2006 26 May :: 9.09 am

O____________O... we were actually productive in web design today. well, i was. we were given a project and i was working on it... and all the guys were playing fighting games on the comp. crazy, eh?

PLAN B!! woooorkedddddddd
hecks yeah. now he is the pro. whoo hoo!!

off topic, but uh.. 8 more minutes til the end of class!!! oOoOohh yesss.. then i can discuss the plans w/ annie and linh in p.e.

P.S. i am such a cool advisor.
P.S.P.S. don't be jealous because you don't know what's going on, unless you do... then you're cool. 8)

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:: 2006 25 May :: 7.44 am

PLAN B - IN ACTIVATION TODAY, as of right now!! YESSIRREEE!! oooh our "bait" is the pro. our spy will let us know of the plans after the plan is activated. ooOooh yessss. ^_____^

and jessica, i'm not telling you 'cause that'll mean i'll tell other people [cuz i can't help it] and i don't want to tell other people. i'll give you a hint, though. hint: J E S S I C A

EWWW GROSS?! did you actually believe that?! that's naaaaasty. 'cause i know that's icky and nasty.
oh yeahhh. i had the WEIRDEST dream last night. i was in the kitchen, right? then i saw this biiiig blue-framed fish tank in there with fishes. and i guess my mom bought a dog [a real live dog] and put him in the tank. i was trying to save him and i kept arguing w/ my mom to let him out of the tank, but she said "he's better off the tank than outside w/ his attitude" ... and yeah. i guess .. idk how this happened, but i mean.. i went away and in the kitchen again and then the doggie wasn't a doggie anymore, it was a turtle, and i was still trying to get him out.. but i called him a doggie. ahh what a straaaaaaaanggee dream. that would be horrible if there was a doggie in a fish tank. the fish tank was big, btw. big enough to fit a doggie and still has a lotta room. man.. oh yeah, and in my dream i was hoping for it to be able to swim.. but gosh it was just in there, barking. aiiyyy how crazy.

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:: 2006 24 May :: 6.27 pm

oh yeah. to mai ngo mm wui wa bei yun dei teng ah. so velly solly.

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