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:: 2006 11 January :: 10.21 pm
:: Mood: chipper
:: Music: Pour Some Sugar on Me- Def Leppard

Best lyrics ever....

C'mon fire me up
Pour your sugar on me
Oh, I can't get enough

I'm hot, sticky sweet
From my head to my feet yeah….

You gotta squeeze a little, squeeze a little
Tease a little more….

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:: 2006 10 January :: 10.58 pm
:: Mood: amused
:: Music: Crazy Train- Ozzy Osbourne

Ok, Take this quiz....
Yes i know it is stupid...but just DO IT!!!
What messed up creature are You?
quiz, rated T by Nastylittlerebel

This is what i got....

You freakin scare me! You dont need a picture just look in the mirror and you will see a face of evil staring right back!
(crosses fingers to ward you off) Be Gone!!!! You are one messed up creature.

64 other people got this result!
This quiz has been taken 517 times.
12% of people had this result.

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:: 2006 10 January :: 10.23 pm
:: Mood: blah
:: Music: "No More Tears"- Ozzy Osbourne

Today just started off really bad…..
I have to blame WoW and my guild for the ZG run!!!
I didn’t get enough sleep, which of course resulted in me NOT hearing my three alarm clocks go off this morning.
I was late for work yet again to my new found obsession with WoW.
Of course no one at work noticed that I was late, which was a good thing.
It was a wonderfully slow day at work today…however it got bad. After Derek and I went for lunch I got back and had to pull a skid. Not a big deal however the skid was 687Kg OMFG!!! I was almost leaning over kissing the floor. I swear I pulled something in my back and now I’m in pain :(
I finally get off work….just to come home to do dishes and tidy up. Bah! I HATE dishes. There are some things I just wish I had a roommate for.
I get online to say Hi to some people and the first message the pops up on my screen is “ZG every night at 6pm” ……
Ok, really I like WoW but I HAVE A LIFE!!! WTF are these guys thinking….
This puts me in a worse mood where I don’t even feel like playing so I just logged off and here I am now…..

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