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:: 2008 29 September :: 1.19 pm

Atleast we still got MSU and UoM to have faith in.

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:: 2008 26 September :: 12.36 pm

Fucking Lions. Please contact M. Vick. Please please please please please. I will be the first to own a blue and silver number 7 jersey.

edit : Common saints/falcons, and giants.

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:: 2008 22 September :: 1.59 pm

R.I.P. Evan Tanner

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:: 2008 16 September :: 12.49 pm

Anderson Silva vs Patrick Cote for the middleweight championship.

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:: 2008 11 September :: 3.47 pm

Ken Shamrock vs Kimbo Slice? What the fuck is Kimbo doing. Putting his career on the line to fight a bunch of over the hill fighters. First Tank Abott and now Shamrock. He needs to stop getting on the dinosaur fight card and fight someone who is in their prime.

At least Brock Lesner is going to fight Randy Couture. That should be a damn good fight.

Edit : WWE can suck a fat dick. Some of their "wrestlers" want to move to a career in mma. They will allow them to be released from their contracts but will ban them from fighting in any mma showcase. However brock lesner took this to court and fought it and won it. I think its fucking stupid as hell that they do this shit to people. Their just pissed that their form of entertainment is fake, and wrestlers that actually have some dignity (provided there arnt many) would like to pursue a more meaningful career. WWE just needs to shut down and all their fans need to pull a lemmings and jump off a cliff.

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:: 2008 8 September :: 1.05 pm

Chuck Liddell got knocked the fuck out. Kinda sucks his career is done. Rashad looked king though.

When is silva going to have to impose his will on someone next? either of them wandy and anderson.

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:: 2008 2 September :: 2.19 pm
:: Music: T.i. Whatever you like

Hair cut will be set up for later this week probley.

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:: 2008 2 September :: 11.48 am

The Iceman fight soon. ANybody interested in the ppv?

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:: 2008 21 August :: 4.11 pm

If anyone has any last things to say to my hair you better do it, its going very soon.

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:: 2008 18 August :: 1.38 pm

2-0 preseason lions. Hopefully they can carry this winning motivation into regular season. Kitna/Stanton looked good last night.

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:: 2008 17 August :: 1.37 pm
:: Music: Lil wayne - Kush

Yeahh....and I smoke that Kush. Yeah....and we ball like swoosh

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:: 2008 2 August :: 2.28 pm

GSP "Rush" vs Jon Fitch, GSP will hold his belt 100%.
Brock Lesnar vs Heath "Texas Crazy Horse" Herring = Hopefully the crazy horse can pull an upset.
Kenny "Kenflo" Florian vs Roger "the matador" hueta = Rog has this locked.

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:: 2008 21 July :: 3.24 pm
:: Music: Flobots - Handlebars

Chuck Norris can choke on dick. I watched a full show of his new WCL(world combat league) and it should be canceled. Who wants to watch a bunch of sub par fighters fight for only like two and a half minutes? Not me. Who wants to watch them fight with 12-14oz gloves? Not me. Anderson Silva would destroy every fighter on there with in 1 minute. What a worthless show. Id like to see WCL vs UFC so chuck can watch and cry about his worthless fighters getting annihilated. I hope his total gym breaks on him and he dies. He is now the biggest douche bag in the world of MMA.

edit: Pound for pound the greatest fighter on earth.

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:: 2008 9 July :: 1.23 pm

Anderson Silva moves up to 205 next saturday. Whos down for getting together and watching the Sandman get flying knees of death from Silva? I know i damn sure am. World most dangerous man.

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:: 2008 25 June :: 2.37 pm

shaq and the rock looked impressed. That is why they call him the axe murderer.

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