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:: 2003 7 October :: 10.16 pm
:: Mood: eh
:: Music: Turn Back, O Man - Godspell

Today was ehhh. Drama this morning started out sucky, I was in a bad mood for no reason, there just wasnt a reason to be in a good one and i didnt feel great either. Then i started to feel better. well drama was actually fun. But i found out today that everyone now knows that I have a crush on Danielle Vanacker. how? i have no idea. But everyone was talking to me about it today. whatever i really dont give a shit. Its not like anything'll ever happen, she likes "big guys" and other people will make certain that I don't have a chance with her. Fuck you for that. So then in gov't nothing exciting happened, i slept. then in MT we got to work on individual stuff, jen and I are working on Tear Jerk. I love that song. well after that i went home because we had a sub in english and i dont go to class when there is a sub, its a waste of everyones time. so i drove ilana and lynn home cuz they skipped too and then i went home. watched unsolved mysteries, maury, played pinball on my computer and ate. very eventful. then godspell rehearsal at 6:30. all we did tonight was sing. my throat was so dry and sore by the end of the night that i couldnt hit any high notes. but one thing that aggravates me is that we never do any acting, all we do is sing!! we havent blocked shit yet. we only read through like half of the show. we better start acting soon because thats my specialty. so now rehearsals over and i'm home. ugh. i'm happy that i have drama 2 tomorrow because i fucking love that class but i'm just angry with the world right now. why? i dont know, i'm just unsatisfied. i dont even know what would make me feel i dont even know if that would work. time is probably the only thing that can help me. well i get to do my 2 scenes in drama 2 tomorrow. maybe tomorrow brielle will fall in love with me and we'll all live happily ever after.

~Shout Outs~

Danielle Vanacker, Kayla, Gladys, Ian, The Cast of Godspell

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:: 2003 6 October :: 10.59 pm
:: Mood: dreading tomorrow
:: Music: Barbie Girl - Aqua

The Cold War wages on...
well today had a slow start. I woke up at 10:30 this morning because i didnt want to sleep all day. Then i went online for a while then I listed a bunch of items on ebay to sell, i need to make some cash. Then i helped my parents clean some stuff out of the garage. they are starting to clean things out in preparation for our move to california in june. after that i did more nothing. Then i went with adam over to one of his friends house to play this board game called Settlers of Catan. He has told me about it before but i never had any real desire to play it but today i was mad bored so i thought i'd give it a try. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! its an awesome game. we played one game, which i won. it takes a while to play a game through so we only had time for one. adam's friend lives in Estancia West, the same development that Emily lives in. I just realized today really how nice that neighborhood is. because he lives in a different part of it and he lives in this coldasaque with these BEAUTIFUL houses there. and his house is fucking unbelievable. they are all mansions over there. i want to move there now. thats the kind of place i want to live when i grow up...only in california. alright so after that i came home, ate dinner. Then i decided to watch Minority Report because it was on HBO. wow what a great movie! it never appealed to me, but i loved it. Although i had one problem. All the music in it was a COMPLETE rip off of the Star Wars Episode II music. I would know cuz i have the ep 2 soundtrack. i sat there through the whole thing and kept thinking i was watching star wars. They even had a few scenes that were totally Star Wars rip off scenes! Maybe spielberg was jealous of lucas and wanted to make his own version of star wars...i dunno. but overall it was a good movie. i recommend it to anyone who hasnt seen it yet. well i really dont want to go back to school tomorrow. i really dont feel like being in that drama room or being with those people. i just feel like i make more enemies daily. i am looking forward to drama 2, the highpoint of my week. I dont feel comfortable around most people anymore. I dont feel like i can trust them, or that they really like me, or if i really like them. I especially dont feel comfortable around hasko. I dont feel like she likes me anymore. All she does is criticize me lately, or yell at me, or order me around. Whatever, i dont need her approval or friendship, i stopped talking to her about personal matters last year when she was a fucking asshole to me about it. Enough

~Shout Outs~

Adam, Ryan, Harry, The Cast of Minority Report

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:: 2003 6 October :: 1.33 am
:: Mood: where did the mood list go?
:: Music: Tower of Babble - Godspell

A day of nothing
Is anyone else's mood list missing on the woohu update journal page? because mine sure is. well today was a whole lotta nothing. i woke up at like 12:30 today and sat around for a while. then i did some ebaying, bought something, and sent out the money order. i had to cash in quarters to pay for the ebay purchase, so i had to go to albertson's to use their coinstar machine but of course its broken, so i had to go over to winn dixie and use theirs. i dont go in there that much, its like a third world country. not nearly as nice as publix or albertsons. and i walked right into the middle of the manager yelling at an employee. well i did all that, then i went to best buy just to browse. i dont buy things in best buy anymore because i do all my electronic shopping on ebay, its SO much cheaper. thinking about paying $50 for a video game is nuts when i can get the same one for $25. well then i came home and my parents left to go to the Toby Keith concert. so i was alone. i didnt do much, i put Godspell on the big stereo system and danced around my house. then liz invited me over to my house. we layed in her hammock in her back yard for like an hour. it was really nice, i felt like i was on vacation on a tropical island. then i had to go home cuz of curfew. but it was fun. we got to have some quality time together. and i'm looking forward to another day of nothing. thank you jews for the day off. So i say farewell and someday i'll get you red baron!

~Shout Outs~

Liz, Ashley Fisher


:: 2003 5 October :: 1.37 am
:: Mood: full
:: Music: Fly - Sonique

well i'm not quite sure how to start with todays events. i woke up at 1pm and did nothing until like 3:30 when i had a comp problem. when i press Ctrl Alt Delete a message comes up and says "Task manager has been disabled by the administrator" and i dont know how to fix it. so i called vitar over and he couldnt figure it out. so then i went and picked up jen and we went to amanda's party. it was a weird party, not like the usual. firstly it was during the day so that was odd and dave FREAKED out at the party. he was talking to eden and me, vitar, joel, joey, and burgos were sitting in joeys car and they told me to yell something at them so i rolled down the window and screamed "grab her ass dave" and he gave me the finger. then like 10 mins later burgos rolls the window down and yells out "make out guys" and dave flipped out, threw his water bottle and stormed off. we were all like whaaaaaat? apparently he got really offended by that and i got blamed for it all. that pissed me off. firstly it was a damn joke, he would have said the same thing if i had been talking with eden. and secondly he acts as if i'm being such an asshole when in fact for the past week all i've been was nice to him, consoling him when he was upset, drove him to school, told him i would always be here if he's upset. i've just been trying to help and then he freaks out on me. whatever. so the rest of the party was ok, GREAT cake. so after that i went over to jen's to make sure she was okay. i was there from around 9:45 until 12. we talked to whole time. then i went to kyles. it was weird. dave was there, i'm not sure if he's mad at me or what. and amanda bruno was there. i'm not on speaking terms with her, so it was an akward situation. i stayed there for an hour and now i'm home. i cant decide if today was a good day or bad. i need something to do tomorrow night since there is no school on monday. it seems like our whole group of friends are getting angry at each other and fights are breaking out, people dont like each other anymore, and just shit. i need to find another group of friends that i can resort to when this one self destructs. preferably non-drama people. i'm gonna go piss on the carpet now.

~Shout Outs~

Amanda Nilson, JT, Danielle, Joe Vitar, Joel, Burgos, Jen Schaffer, kyle, Joey, Liz, Reaboi, Gladys, Ilana

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:: 2003 3 October :: 10.23 pm
:: Mood: happy
:: Music: O, Bless the Lord, My Soul - Godspell

Ok today started out on a GREAT foot. drama 2 was at its best today. I had the most fun in there that i've had like all year. I blocked my duet scene with samantha (one of the triplets) and then i worked on my scene with Brielle and other samantha. it was SO much fun! my crush on brielle has come back. I LOVE HER!! shes just so fun and shes so cute when she acts out a scene. unfortunately i'm totally not her type of guy, i'm probably the opposite of what she looks for in a guy. but that wont stop me. whatever it was a MAD good class. so then in drama 1, vitar skipped his class and stayed with me. the kids were reading The Glass Menagerie and vitar and I sat in the office and chatted. it was nice, i love talking to vitar. he's a good man. well in MT we did I Hope I Get It for a grade and then got to work on individual stuff. i went home after that and watched Survivor. i then went to improv rehearsal where all the members came!! for the first time we had all 7 improvers in one spot! it was great. after that i went to godspell rehearsal. it was fun, we sang through a bunch of songs. we sound GREAT! this one lady is a harmony goddess, i think i've mentioned her before. she is AWESOME, she is so hyper all the time though. shes an adult, over 21 deff, probably over 30. but she has a great voice. OH GUESS WHAT?!?! Stephen Schwartz, the writer of Godspell, Children of Eden, Pippin, and many more shows is going to be coming to one of our rehearsals in October to talk with us. HOW COOL!?! ok so rehearsal was fun, its great being the lead. i talked to holly on the way home, shes coming down next friday! hurray! so now i'm home. alright so i've decided that i want to date someone that isnt my usual type. like instead of the down to earth, girl next door type, i want to date the crazy, drop dead gorgeous, wild and dangerous girl. hence brielle. I WANT HER SO BAD!!!!!!! the end.

~Shout Outs~

Brielle, Joe Vitar, The Improvers, Holly, JT, Danielle

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:: 2003 2 October :: 9.19 pm
:: Mood: flirty
:: Music: American Pie - Don McLean

Alright so this morning in drama it was hectic. I had to block my duet scene with gladys, then i had to memorize a monologue to perform for the drama 1 kids next hour. So whatever I did The Red Baron monologue from You're A Good Man Charlie Brown. I think I did it okay. It wasn't great. Its supposed to be a hilarious monologue but people are only giggling. thats a problem. whatever i'll improve it. So in gov't i did my James Buchanan report. I think i did pretty well. I knew what i was talking about, I forgot to say some info but whatever, i didnt stand up there like a zombie and read from a paper. in MT we were split into groups and sent to concentration camps....ok we did I Hope I Get It, might as well have been a concentration camp. I'm so tired of doing that number, luckily we perform it tomorrow and its over. I was in such a crappy mood by the end of the period, i was just glad to get out of there. man i hate musical theatre and it sucks because that used to be one of my favorite classes. Well in english we had mad fun. We listened to and disected the song American Pie by Don McLean. it was mad fun and we also did some scholarship stuff which is good cuz now my mom can get off my back about it. after school i didnt go to the Me and My Girl script reading cuz i've already read the script and hasko was already grating on my nerves and i couldnt take another hour and a half of her, so i went home and relaxed until I went to MT least favorite part of the week. I HATE DANCING! I've never had such a hatred toward dancing until this year, it just isnt fun anymore. we did Fame again tonight, the dance is pretty cool for it though and its easy. so now i'm back home. i'm very peaceful right now, i dont know why though. I have so much stress in my life right now i feel like i'm going to burst. I am the lead in 2 shows and i need to learn those lines (jesus has A MILLION lines), i have to memorize my lines for me and gladys' scene, i have to memorize my monologues, and i have a duet scene in drama 2 that i should memorize (but i'm not going to). also i have a bunch of Godspell songs to learn and a duet to do with charissa for the variety show. and i didnt even mention any regular school work. and i'm a bit lonely.

~Shout Outs~

Gladys, JT, James Buchanan, Chris Burgos, Joey Venck, Dave, Kayla, Amanda Blum, Todd, Liz, Steph Co, Don McLean

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:: 2003 1 October :: 10.02 pm
:: Mood: grateful
:: Music: The West Wing Theme

Today was an alright day. Drama II wasnt very eventful, but i still love that class. In drama 1 all the seniors were called down for the panoramic picture. It took almost all of 3rd hour to do. we did a panoramic picture and then went out to the field to do the 04 picture. in musical theatre we ran a bunch of numbers and then were allowed to work on whatever want. Jen and I are working on Tear Jerk from I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change. We started doing that last year but never finished it. It sounds really good too, so we'll see how it goes. Alright so after that I went to adam's house to finish the computer. I had to buy a new motherboard which cost $100. So we put everything together and it all works and then we start installing Windows XP and then we hit a snag. We didnt have the product key number to register the copy. i was like ARRRGHHHHH! so i thought i would have to buy a whole new copy for that key. so i'm all mad and i go to rehearsal, which was pointless. we do the same thing at rehearsal every time. and i hate how anytime something in the script isnt perfect or someone doesnt like a line then i get yelled at because i'm the only writer there, so i have to defend what we've written. these people need to realize how hard it was to write that damn show. Especially because hasko had so many specific needs and then everyone wanted their acts worked in. People DONT need to be critizing our work. ok well after rehearsal i went home and told my dad about the windows XP problem cuz he gave me the copy. so he told me he had the key, so i got it and went back to adams and we put the key in and installed windows and everything worked!! we installed all the drivers and etc and now I am writing this journal from my new computer. In case you are computer savvy and want to the specs here they are:

Pentium 4 - 2.53ghz
40GB Hard Drive
128MB Geforce 4 Video Card
Windows XP
52x CD-RW Drive

Yeah its pretty bad ass. It also has a program on it that can take off the vocals on a track. well it takes off like 80-90% of the vocals, you can still kind of hear them but still thats pretty damn good. i love my new computer. it has these two cool light columns on the front of it that light up blue when you turn it on. Well tomorrow i have to have a monologue prepared to show the drama 1 kids. i have a monologue, i just dont have it memorized. fuck. i'll do it tomorrow during drama if i have damn. uuuughhhh. someone bring love into my life.

~Shout Outs~

The Seniors, JT, Joe Vitar, Adam, My New Computer

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:: 2003 30 September :: 9.43 pm
:: Mood: angry
:: Music: Save the People - Godspell

today was bitter sweet. BITTER SWEET! AHHHHH!!! ok well in drama nothing exciting happened. well ehhhhhh. i have a new love interest. i'm not gonna release her name, i dont need to be badgered about it. i dunno, i really like her, i want to get to know her better and stuff. well we'll see. ok well in gov't we had a sub so we took a test and then i went to sleep for like an hour. it was refreshing. well in musical theatre we did I Hope I Get It. uughhhh i'm so tired of doing that number. We've been doing it for weeks. Its because hasko will talk for half the period and give us no time to work or we'll have a parker day so it feels like we've been doing it for ages. gah i just wish we could move on to something new. well in english we didnt do much. we took a quiz, and took notes. we were all hyper today so it was fun. then we had a like 30 min drug discussion at the end of class. well after school i came home, took a long nap and woke up and went to Godspell rehearsal. tonight it was a private rehearsal for me so i went to Gary's house to work in his recording studio. it was cool, we recorded Save the People onto CD. I think i sound pretty good. gary also said he would let me record my songs for my album in his studio. ROCK ON!! so my album will sound professional now. alright so now i'm home. tomorrow is the drama day. woot. i cant wait for drama 2! also adam and I should be finishing up the computer tomorrow unless we hit another snag. damn those snags. well now i leave you. my mood is angry because there is something bothering me but i wont talk about it. fuck.

~Shout Outs~

Alex Wolfgang, JT, Dave, Joe Venck, Ian, Aaron, Brett, Gary, Anita, Sheba, Gladys


:: 2003 29 September :: 7.14 pm
:: Mood: aggravated
:: Music: Fame - Fame

The Cold War Ensues
First a update for those of you who don't read the news on the home page. In about a month or two a new version of woohu is coming out which is supposed to be easier to use. Secondly, Andy (the woohu owner) is turning 18 on Oct. 5th. Send him happy birthday wishes at Ok now on to the real stuff. today was good until school ended, then it went downhill. Class was just class, not much happened. hasko started to get on my nerves today because she doesnt treat me with any respect and just blames everything on me, she just takes me granted. well then after school we had Variety Show rehearsal, such a waste of time. We ran through Act I (barely) even though we were missing a lot of people. then we read through Act II. I totally didnt want to be there. Then I stayed there for my voice lesson and i'm hanging out in the music library before my lesson looking for a good audition song and hasko comes in and is like ok you have to make sure this is all locked up and cleaned up after you leave and i was like well i'm not the last voice lesson, and shes like i dont care, its your responsibility, it has to be cleaned up, and i was like well i'm not staying here for all the voice lessons, and shes just like well you have to make sure its cleaned up and i'm like alright i'll just pass on the message to the next person and shes like no, then i'm locking it up now, get out. so i walked out of the library and then she cleaned it up and came out and i asked if she locked the cabinets cuz locker was gonna need them and she was like no but i should have and you should have helped me clean up in there, that was tacky, your ego was showing through there and i hate that. and she was getting really mad and i was like WHAT?? and shes just going on about my ego. SHE TOLD ME TO GET OUT!!! i got SOOO mad. i was like whatever hasko. then she just stormed off. ugh, she pisses me off so much. shes just so unpleasant. everyone is scared of her, i'm not, but i see why they are. cuz shes a fucking tyrant. she just puts you down and yells at you and shit and then she wonders why no one wants to do anything. thats why i love going to godspell rehearsal because the director over there, gary, is SO NICE. he actually respects me for an actor and really works with me. he doesnt yell and scream for me to perform well, he's telling me that i'm gonna do great and he's gonna help me. hasko just says, you'd better be good. she has said those words to me before. she doesnt really work with you. but gary called me tonight after my voice lesson (which we spent looking for a song and didnt find one, a total waste of $20) and gary said he wanted me to come to his house on tuesday and work on my Jesus songs and said that I can record them in his studio so i can hear myself. I thought that was mad cool. i love working with him. well i was in such a sucky mood after voice lessons cuz things are just sucky. i'm talking to ashley fisher right now which makes me feel better. she rocks. thats enough for tonight.

EDIT: Why am i now falling for all these cheerleader-ish "i love bad boys" type girls???? What happened to my love for the girl next door?

~Shout Outs~

Ashley Fisher, JT, Gary

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:: 2003 28 September :: 10.31 pm
:: Mood: refreshed
:: Music: Across The Stars - Star Wars Episode II

I am the President
My day started at 2pm today. My first day in a week to sleep in. well i woke up and my grandparents came over, i havent seen them in a while. they stayed for a little while, they left and then i did my weekly house work. It's getting harder to do every week, i'm tired of it. And today my back hurt a lot, so i took two advils. You know i'm in pain when i take medicine, cuz i hate to take medicine. well after that i had to drop off some CD's to jen's mom, hung out there for a little while and then came home. I did my damn visual for my presidents report. It's not very pretty but it serves it purpose. Then I watched "The American President" which was on TNT. good movie, its a bit open ended but good none the less. I've been watching so many things about presidents lately. The West Wing, this showtime movie about what the president did on 9/11, The American President, and my report on James Buchanan. It makes me want to be the President!! Being president is such a cool job, he has so much power and its such a respected title. Then i remembered that I'm the president of the drama department. I realize that the title isn't as prestigous as President of the United States, its still cool. Although I dont have as much power, all being president in drama means is that i'm hasko's top slave, i dont have real power. but for now on i want everyone to call me Mr. President. hehe. So if you want brownie points with me, then call me Mr. President. One thing i wish i had like the president has is a personal secretary who follows him around all day and keeps track of his appointments, reminds him of things and wipes his ass. I totally need one of those. Anyone up for the job? Just comment and i'll review the applications. Remember how i said i was gonna be totally blunt with everyone. i've started doing that and its going great. i dont lie to people to make them feel good. i tell them the truth and how i feel. So thats that.

~Shout Outs~

James Buchanan, JT, My Grandparents, The Cast of The American President

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:: 2003 27 September :: 7.02 pm
:: Mood: uneasy
:: Music: Imperial March - Star Wars

The Cold War has started
Today started with Godspell rehearsal. I love Godspell rehearsal, its so less stressful then a hasko rehearsal. First of all its new people, mostly professionals, its a smaller group, its a laid back atmosphere, and its just fun. We sound AWESOME. We did singing for the whole rehearsal today and we rocked. The harmonies just sound amazing. I love the people in the cast. There is this guy in the cast who is like in his 30s i guess, hard to tell, he's german and got a vocal degree from germany, which i think is sooooo cool. he has an amazing voice and is awesome with harmonies and such. and he's hilarious, he has a german accent which is cool. there also is this woman in the cast, probably around the same age as the german guy, shes got an amazing voice and is just as good with harmonies. Just the whole cast is mad talented. ok after that i came home and did my whole paper on James Buchanan. Its 6 1/3 pages long. It took me hours!! but its done, now i just need to do a visual. Well now for whats really on my mind. I'm mad frustrated and confused. New things are happening in my life and i'm not sure if i like them or not. a lot of things are changing. I dont trust anyone anymore so i've stopped confiding in people, even my closest friends. This is the beginning of a cold war between the people in my life and I. Since i dont feel like i can trust anyone that i know, i feel uncomfortable when i'm around my normal friends, thats why i dread classes like drama 5 and musical theatre and why i love drama 2 and drama 1. There are a few people in my life right now that i wish would get out, they are immature, annoying, untrustworthy, and just stupid. I'm just tired of the high school drama, i cant stand the gossip and he-said she-said bullshit. i cant wait to leave and be rid of it. every year i'd see seniors say the same thing i just said and it'd always make me mad and i'd wonder why they want to leave so badly. but you dont really understand until you've dealt with this shit for 4 years and now i know why seniors want to leave, cuz they're above all this petty shit. I think i'm going to start to be incredibly blunt with people, if i dont like someone or something i'm just gonna say it. I know this is an early entry but this stuff needed to be said. Happy Birthday Dan.

~Shout Outs~

The Cast of Godspell, James Buchanan

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:: 2003 27 September :: 1.34 am
:: Mood: indescribable
:: Music: We Beseech Thee - Godspell

Another great odd day! i have fallen in LOVE with my drama 2 class. i love them so much. today we worked on our scenes and i was working with brielle and samantha and brielle's like lets go watch chris burgos. so we go out there and watch chris and eden do their scene. chris is pretty good, he's a funny character. well we watched them, then watched mine, then everyone wanted me to do my monologue. so i did my bash one for them, i thought it sucked when i did it, cuz i had to read off the paper and i kept losing my place. but they thought it was good. then when i was done, i look around to notice that almost the whole class has grouped around me watching. i was like whoa. so then they wanted me to do something funny after that since it was so dramatic, so i did my snoopy monologue, which they loved! i had like my own one man show going on, it was mad awesome. i def have fans in that class now, i love fans, i think brielle might be a fan, and i love her, she still talks about my mime from last year when i did it for her drama 1 class. ugh i want her so much. ok well after that was drama 1, they watched the miracle worker and i had to keep them quiet while hasko gave individual oral quizes in her office. it was rough. they dont listen to me at all. there was nothing i could do to make them shut up. well after that in musical theatre, hasko was handing out progress reports. she gets to mine and says oh justin and i already talked about this (because we talked about my grades that morning) and then she made this smart remark like oh dont worry guys justin will be here next year. and then that cued everyone to start in on the gay ass comments like oh is justin the next calvin and shit like that, will he graduate or wont he...blah blah blah. firstly it is none of everyone's GODDAMN business what my grades are and hasko has NO right to announce them to the class. They are private, between the teachers and I. and she has no right to freak out over them either, shes not my mother. my mom doesnt even freak out as much as she does because my mom understands, hasko doesnt. i cant do EVERYTHING. if i'm so artistic then i'm not gonna be acedemic. ugh it just put me into a bad mood. so then i went home, watched survivor and went to improv rehearsal. gladys, larry, and jessica werent there each with their own excuse. and corey and ilana were about 40 mins late. we had a good 20 mins of improv. better luck next week. well now i must sleep for i have Godspell rehearsal tomorrow morning at 11:30 - 2:00. and a 5-7 presidents report i havent started on.

~Shout Outs~

JT, Brielle, Chris, Drama II, Emily, Improvers

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:: 2003 25 September :: 10.06 pm
:: Mood: Icky
:: Music: Century Plant - CAMP

ok today in drama 5 we blocked a few scenes of the variety show. other than that i didnt do anything in there. in gov't we got to redo our tests and then we watched the season primiere of West Wing. i love that show, but everyone kept talking to i had a hard time hearing it. fuck them. well in MT we did I Hope I Get It all class and all lunch. i told hasko that i got Jesus in Godspell and she wasnt happy. she was like if this conflicts with my shows then i'm pulling you out and you can be jesus! i was like uh huh. she always threatens me. whatever, everyone else was happy for me. then in english we watched Becket more, i fell asleep though cuz i didnt get a lot of sleep last night. but it was fun while i was awake. after school i went over to charissa's and liz, charissa, and I watched Victor/Victoria. I had never seen the stage version, only the movie version with Robert Preston. So it was fun. Then after that i picked up eden and went to subway and then to rehearsal. rehearsal was easy tonight, we got tested on the dances and started choreographing Fame. It was almost fun tonight. then i drove eden home and got here and my cable modem hasnt been working all day so i have to use my dial up connection which pisses me off. I cant wait for rehearsal on saturday! the director called me tonight to tell me a funny story, he is such an awesome guy. but he told me to come 30 mins early to work on my solos with him. rock on. i love my solos. i found out that the problem with my computer is that it was a bad motherboard, but i got another one but its gonna put me back about $100 which i dont have at the moment. so next week i think my computer will be done, assuming nothing else goes wrong. i have to do my WHOLE president report this weekend. 5-7 pages plus a visual. fuuuuuuuuuuck. JT made me a CD full of good songs and i'm listening to it right now, and Our House is on there and it made me realize how much i MISS london!! that trip was the greatest EVER! i wish we could do it again with the same people, it was soooooooooo much fun. i miss holly too, i talked to her on the phone last night and it was so nice to hear her voice. i cant wait until she comes down. i kind of miss having love in my life, but whatever i'm too busy for that, i'm the lead in 2 shows right now. well thats enough for now. i feel icky.

~Shout Outs~

JT, Charissa, Liz, Eden, Gary, Adam, Chris

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:: 2003 24 September :: 11.01 pm
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(The Journal Awards are the entry before this one in case you missed them) Yes the subject is right. I got called back for Jesus in Godspell tonight and I GOT THE PART!! The director just called me like an hour ago to tell me. I'm so happy, i wanted that part soooooo badly. Its such a fun part and its HUGE! ok i'll get back to how rehearsal went later on, first lets start from the top. School today was good! i love my odd days, i love drama 1 and 2, they all look up to me and its sooo cool. I'm their hero (they said it not me.) so all day was good. but then i came to school at 3 cuz i thought we had variety show rehearsal but NOPE hasko went home. she said mondays and wednesdays after school. so what happened?! oh well, so i went home and then went to my voice lesson. I love my voice lessons. alright then after that i went to Godspell rehearsal. We read through most of the script and then went and sang a bunch of songs from the song. let me tell you that we sound AMAZING. half the group is adults and the other half is highschoolers. And all the people are so good (so far) half the people there are like harmony masters. they can make up their own harmonies for like full songs, they are amazing! we sounded sooooo good, we sounded like we had been practicing for months. I think this show is gonna rock. After rehearsal the director had me stay after for a call back for Jesus. I sang Save The People and i totally kicked ass. The director and one of the harmony masters thought i sounded great with the song and were very impressed. Then the director called me back and told me i got the part, he was so impressed with me. It rocks. i'm mad excited. alright so after that i came home and did the journal awards and then talked to ashley fisher for awhile. Ashley if you are reading this i want to say that I LOVE YOU. we are going to date when i visit orlando. I'M SO EXCITED. She is the girl of my dreams and i cant wait until we're together. The end.

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:: 2003 24 September :: 9.55 pm
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The Fourth Annual Journal Awards
Welcome to a highly anticipated journal awards! There is gonna be some tough competition tonight. I want to welcome all the new journals to the community. Its good to see the journal community flourishing. Lets get started on the awards, shall we?

Most Updated Journal:..The It Girl.. - Aiken4Clay15

Best Journal Title:Even Nude Beaches Have Something to Hide - amanda829

Best New Journal:The Life and Times of Little Inez - Jeremy

Most Emotional Journal: ~* Recondite Insight *~ - reconditeinsight

Most Creative Name For Comments: hold my breath and close my eyes... goodbye - skittlicious

Best Journal Picture: Even Nude Beaches Have Something to Hide - amanda829

Longest Journal Entries: ~My life or something like it~ - coley810

Best Journal Design: Even Nude Beaches Have Something to Hide - amanda829

Honorable Mention: Looking at the world without time... - THElilsteph

Congrats to all the winners! THElilsteph won the honorable mention because she came so close to winning almost every category, she got 2nd place in almost all the categories, which I think deserved a special award. Good job steph. This was by far the hardest journal awards to give. SO many great journals. Keep updating everyone, there is always next month! Stay tuned for your regular scheduled entry.

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