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:: 2005 8 September :: 5.13 pm

It's true folks, I am now officially a member of the . And yes, I am "geeked" about the job! Let the "geekdom" continue!!

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:: 2005 6 September :: 6.26 pm

Me: "I could spank the dragon!"

No you idiots...not this dragon!!!

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:: 2005 6 September :: 12.05 pm

*Birds chirping outside*

Milenko (the parakeet): *SQUAK SQUAK SQUAK*

Me: "Hey hey hey hey HEY!!!! They can't hear you! If they could, they wouldn't like you! Hell, I don't like you!"

Milenko (the parakeet): *cocks head*....*SQUAK SQUAK SQUAK*

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:: 2005 1 September :: 10.21 pm

Here's for you Jason!

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:: 2005 29 August :: 8.28 pm


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:: 2005 29 August :: 8.25 pm

"Go ahead joe....burn the gas you don't have!"

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:: 2005 29 August :: 6.52 pm

Me: "So, do I need to bring my text book to class everyday? I noticed you mainly just pointed to the outline on the projector."

My Prof:"Well, you don't need to, i'm not going to check to see if everyone has it. But I'll want you to have it at times in case I ask you to turn to a specific page to look something up or to see a map. But you don't need to have it here everyday. Just somedays. It'd be nice if most the class, the majority, had their book everyday. But no, i'm not going to require you to have it here everyday."

Me:" want us to have our book here everyday...."

My Prof:"Yeah, basically....."

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:: 2005 28 August :: 3.25 pm

Here is a nice, juicy tube steak for ya!

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:: 2005 28 August :: 12.18 pm

Suggested guidelines for shopping in the Del Amo Fashion Center

Avoid the northeast end of the mall – you know, where Montgomery Ward used to be. Or is it still there? Does it matter?

For the love of god, do not back up traffic in the parking lots by slowly trolling around for the perfect space and then blocking lanes to wait for someone to pull out. Sacrifice the extra 30 seconds it will take to park just a little further away.

Don't buy a Cinnabon. Just don't.

Understand that if you have something specific that you are searching for, you will not find it.

Only the damned enter the mall between Thanksgiving and the second week of January.

Bring water because none will be provided.

If you must choose between Sears and JC Penny, go with Sears.

Old Navy will be scary and there's nothing you can do about it.

Take special care at the Burlington Coat Factory. There are benefits to shopping there, but great risks as well.

If you estimate that your errand in the mall will only take 10 minutes, go ahead a budget an hour, just to be safe.

Those sandals you left the house with will haunt you. Always wear good shoes.

Focus on one store, two at the most. Finding one's self adrift in that place looking for a "nice shirt" or "something Dad will like" is like being lost in the Sahara.

Avoid the parking structures.

No matter how tired you are or how much your feet hurt, don't sit down or linger unnecessarily. Just get to your car as quickly as you can and leave.

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:: 2005 28 August :: 2.32 am

-Amanda: "You'd rather have a hand rub than a penis rub?! You fag! You should have gone to the strip club tonight!"

-Amanda: "You're like a little girl when I touch your penis...'Don't touch that, it's the no no place'"!!

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:: 2005 28 August :: 12.24 am

You make baby Jesus cry

Jesus makes babies cry

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:: 2005 28 August :: 12.22 am

"The first night of Fall Welcome, 45 MIPs were given in Ackely/Shilling...the honors res halls."

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:: 2005 27 August :: 7.34 pm

Go take a shower, you smell like a bum's nut sack!

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:: 2005 26 August :: 2.58 am
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:: Music: Dexter Freebish

For Michelle
The Windows XP Powertoys....these are extra little goodies that Microsoft released that can come in hand. Enjoy!

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