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:: 2012 20 July :: 11.00pm

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:: 2012 16 July :: 12.00pm
:: Mood: aggravated

Let me start by saying that the live chat specialist I worked with today was able to help me with my problems. The conversation could have been much quicker, but overall I was satisfied.

But that was not the start of my day with Charter. I called 1888GETCHARTER for help fixing my bill. The representative was argumentative and unwilling to help. I repeatedly asked to speak to his supervisor and after five requests I was told that I would be put on hold. After one hour and 42 minutes of listening to Charter advertisements that contained an exorbitant amount of static/background noise, I was hung up on. Being hung up on is extremely infuriating, especially after nearly two hours on hold.

Why does Charter’s billing always seem to have a mistake? It’s a joke to everyone that I speak to about it. While going through my records for billing I noticed that never more than three months in a row did I pay the same charges, even while I’ve been locked in on promotional rates.

I hope that in the future I will live in an area where Charter will not be my only option for my internet and cable TV needs.

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:: 2012 29 June :: 12.02am

Give me a fat faggot treat with hot cum sauce!

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:: 2012 6 February :: 10.40pm

Maybe trashed. That was hard to spell.

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:: 2012 6 February :: 10.37pm

Drink, drank, drunk. Definatly drunk. giggle.

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:: 2012 30 January :: 4.32pm

It's not masturbating if nothing comes out.

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:: 2012 22 January :: 7.52pm

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:: 2012 8 January :: 12.35am

I you wanna be happy, find someone you like and never let him go. Or her if you're into that creepy shit.

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:: 2012 6 January :: 9.53pm

I love watching firefighters at play. They're like well muscled puppies.

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:: 2011 15 December :: 6.30pm

You remind me of my pinky toe, because I know I'm eventually gonna bang you on the table.

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:: 2011 11 December :: 11.02am

I'm 20, what are you guys?

Pick a Number by Paul Rudnick

Alfred Kinsey believed that human sexuality could be charted on a scale of 0 to 6, with 0 being “Exclusively heterosexual” and 6 being “Exclusively homosexual.” Owing to changing cultural boundaries and advanced research, Kinsey’s scale has recently been expanded:

0. So heterosexual that you think all other heterosexuals should be shot, because they seem a little gay.

1. So heterosexual that when a tax return or a loan application asks your gender you reply, “Straight.”

2. So heterosexual that the thought of two people of the same sex having intercourse doesn’t disgust you; it confuses you—“Wait a minute, if they’re both girls, which one falls asleep immediately afterward while the other one keeps babbling about her day?”

3. So heterosexual that when you go to see “Hugh Jackman: Back on Broadway” you can’t understand why he doesn’t just use his steel Wolverine claws to kill his backup dancers.

4. Heterosexual, yet still able to read the Times’ Arts & Leisure section without asking, “Who are Patti LuPone and Mandy Patinkin? School-board members from Staten Island?”

5. Heterosexual, but still willing to understand, at least theoretically, why two women having sex aren’t just practicing until their husbands get back from their golf date.

6. Heterosexual, yet still able to wear colors other than brown, olive green, and navy blue (but never pink or yellow, because you’re not some goddam circus clown).

7. Heterosexual, but sometimes fantasizes about bathing.

8. Heterosexual, but once, at college, glimpsed a roommate naked and thought, If everyone else in the world were dead, I would have sex with that person, as long as we both kept saying, “But everyone else is still dead, right?”

9. Heterosexual, but once, while serving in the military, made love with a same-sex partner, and afterward said either “I was so drunk,” “Wait—does that count as sex?,” or “Whoa. At least now I can check that off my bucket list, along with hot-air ballooning.”

10. Heterosexual, but during sex with one’s spouse often pictures the spouse with different genitalia sprouting from his or her forehead. This is not to be confused with imagining your spouse’s forehead as a place to hold keys, or to hang up your windbreaker.

11. Heterosexual, but while on business trips will frequently have intercourse with same-sex partners, primarily because they know the best local restaurants.

12. You identify as bisexual because you think it will double your chances of getting a date for Saturday night.

13. You identify as bisexual because you think it sounds French.

14. So bisexual that you fantasize not only about both Brad and Angelina but also about Regis and Kelly.

15. So bisexual that you get Patti LuPone and Mandy Patinkin confused.

16. Almost too bisexual, because you keep approaching straight married couples on the subway and murmuring, “The answer is yes.”

17. Homosexual, but occasionally attracted to the opposite gender, just to get your mom’s hopes up.

18. Homosexual, but willing to look at a member of the opposite sex without howling, “Dear God in Heaven, what is that?”

19. Homosexual, but sometimes still fantasizes about kissing someone of the opposite sex, as an item on a scavenger hunt.

20. Homosexual, but willing to speak to heterosexuals without muttering, under your breath, “Have you ever even been to a museum?”

21. So homosexual that both partners can achieve orgasm just by debating dream casting for the next revival of “Follies.”

22. So homosexual that you refer to you and your partner’s genitalia as “matchy-matchy.”

23. So exclusively homosexual that you made an “It Gets Better” video aimed at kids who were raised in homes without stacks of coffee-table books.

24. So overwhelmingly homosexual that you dream that Patti LuPone and Mandy Patinkin are your birth parents.

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:: 2011 5 November :: 11.23pm

Rory, put Hitler in the cupboard.

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:: 2011 4 November :: 2.29am

I had breasts dragged across my face for the first time today. Just finished washing the smell of stripper off of me.

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:: 2011 4 September :: 4.55am

My cock...

...is not the biggest.

...is not the longest.

...is not the thickest.

...is not the most perfect.

...is not a porn star's.

...but damn it! I love the fuck out of it!

And the best part is...

...it cums when I tell it to

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:: 2011 31 July :: 9.39pm

Women can fake orgasms but men can fake love.

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