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:: 2007 30 October :: 5.49 pm

i think im turning japanese
I love these guys and they make me laugh so much.

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:: 2007 29 October :: 9.10 pm

Human Tetris
now this made me laugh..... crazy japanese

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:: 2007 20 October :: 2.10 pm

ok well i'm doing nothing today. just sitting around chilling playing beautiful katamari and some halo 3.... god i want xbox live back this sucks lol. well everyone if anyone wants to do something today give me a jingle i'm free. peace.

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:: 2007 26 July :: 9.48 am

going to the hospital
well all its finally here. Perry's gf is having her baby. kinda scary. little Perry's running around. anywho thats where I'll be so take care and have fun.

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:: 2007 8 July :: 8.49 pm

My Trip
First off I had a blast going down to Georgia cuz I'm the devil... not really but that would have been interesting. Anyways I went down there and those stupid DOT rules suck because I slept when I wanted to drive and Drove when I wanted to sleep. But again I'm a truck driver so there isnt much I could do but on my way down nothing happened except I had to cross some crazy monster ass bridge that I swear would have broke if I had another 5000 pounds on my trucks. So I get to my delivery and there is some jamaican guy at the docks and I cant understand anything he is saying which really really sucks. so i get unloaded and all that then I have to stop for a rest for 10 hours (again DOT rules suck). So I get that done and then get on my way. Everything is going good till I get to Nashville and mind you the people who built this highway carved it right into a damn mountain complete with mountain wall off ramps. Well as I'm going through Nashville bored out of my mind there all of a sudden is a car accident on the other side of the highway. Me being the good person I am stop and run across both sides of the highway where a woman around 35 or so has slammed her Ford coupe car into one of these mountain walls. Another driver stops who is on the side of the highway that the accident is on and helps me get the woman out of the car and we both notice her speedometer is broken and at 70 mph (the speed limit through Nashville is 55 and the off ramp she was getting off of is rated for 25). So we get her out as she is unconscious and we notice her leg and arm and possible something else is broken because there is blood everywhere (leg bone protruding through leg) but there seems to be blood leading to the middle of the highway where she hasnt been. We cant figure it out until we look next to the car is a child's toy that we accidentally pulled out with the woman and then it hits us as an opposing cars headlights shine on a little boys body laying in the middle of the highway. I rush over to the child to see if he is okay and well he isnt... I cant get any response from him and his eyes are open and blood is everywhere. There is nothing I can do. Finally after forever the Police and Paramedics show up after what seems an eternity and take statements names and other such things and send me on my way. I had the worst day of my life that night and couldn't clear my head of this image of a boy laying in the middle of the highway. I went to sleep and woke up sad and finally broke down. I feel so sorry for that woman and yet feel so angry because she first broke the speed limit by driving to fast then didnt have her child seatbelted down because he went through the windshield (as told to me by police), but I feel sad for her because she probably will regret ever driving again and not have her son there. I dont know what happened to the woman but I hope she is safe and sound but to the little boy whose name the police told me I hope he is in a better place. Take care everyone and please drive safe.

Jonathan Wiley

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:: 2007 1 July :: 3.32 pm

Roomate/s wanted
If anyone wants to join in on an apartment with my gf and I as long as she says its okay to let me know. Rent would be around 289 for two people or 193 for one..... let me know ok

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:: 2007 8 June :: 12.11 pm

swimming today at the community pool so if anyone calls i'll probably be there..... take care all peace

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:: 2007 4 June :: 7.16 pm

well all I have officially moved out on my own so if anyone wants to hang out with me my address is 994 4 mile rd nw apt 1a, grand rapids michigan 49544.

I leave for kentucky tonight so if anyone wants to hang out wednesday will be the best day for this week so hit me up. k peace out everyone. oh yeah the apartment is on alpine :p


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:: 2007 13 May :: 7.39 am

Happy Birthday to me......
Happy Birthday to me......
ummm Happy Birthday to me......

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:: 2007 12 May :: 8.07 am

Lost and Found
Well all I'm very upset. I either left my new cowboy hat somewhere or someone stole it..... That was the first thing my dad's bought me in like 5 years. :( It meant alot to me because it was my favorite hat that I've owned. If anyone would like to help me try to buy a new one Please send money to my house just some spare change or something. Thanks if anyone responds and sends money my way.

2203 15 Mile Rd NE
Sparta, MI 49345


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:: 2007 5 May :: 12.22 am

I have work in 7 hours and i have to move 250 trucks in 8 hours.... sounds nearly impossible....but not for me mwahahaha because I am that awesome

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:: 2007 21 April :: 8.26 am

American Sign Language
Well I've been trying for a while now to learn something new that I can use if no one else knows it. I actually had someone yesterday that I randomly met try talking to me in ASL and I could speak very very little but enough to carry on a conversation. It's been really cool learning it and I definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to learn a new language.

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:: 2007 9 April :: 10.34 pm

It Happened.
It finally happened. It's only a matter of time. Soon my life will be as complete as it can get for now.

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:: 2007 5 April :: 8.05 pm

I have now graduated and can become a truck driver. You name it I'll drive it.... Minus a bus with children.... those are targets to hit. but yay go me.

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:: 2007 1 April :: 11.51 am

Perfect Zero
Yeah this is a perfect alley dock. I'm so good at this truck driving thing why I didnt do it before is a question I need to ask myself

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