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:: 2007 23 March :: 11.27 am

Hover mouse and other comp accessories
I'm not sure if these are real but it would be cool for some but bad for others for these certain items for pc gamers. (joe)

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:: 2007 27 February :: 12.30 am

New Movies That Are Coming
Okay, well some of these movies probably will suck and some might be good.... here is a list so far of what I've found out

Hostel Part II
The Hills Have Eyes II
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Hellyboy 2
Sin City 2
Jurassic Park 4
Indiana Jones 4
Rush Hour 3
Are We Done Yet?
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie For Theaters
The Condemned (Stone Cold Steve Austin Movie)
28 Weeks Later (Sequel To 28 Days Later)

For Eddy: Pirates of The Carribean: At Worlds End (May 25th, 2007)

Oceans 13
Evan Almighty (Sequel To Bruce Almighty)
The Bourne Ultimatum
Saw 4
Duke Nukem:The Movie
Toy Story 3
Terminator 4

Some Seem Good And Some Seem Like They Will Suck
LOL T4 (I'll be back.........with my wife Maria and The Californians)

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:: 2007 15 February :: 9.56 pm
:: Mood: sad

Life For Me
Well all life for me is going fantastic this year. Let me list the things that have or are going wrong this year.

My friend died, I have a tumor on my neck/cheek, my dog died tonight and I have a job interview tomorrow. great year for me

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:: 2007 20 January :: 8.39 pm

Cell Phone Mods
Ok now I have become proficient enough to say the type of cell phones i can put ringtones on....

Nextel series are as follow:

Motorola / Nextel- I205 I215 I265 I275 I285 I305 I315 I325 I355 I530 I560 I605 I710 I730 I733 I736 I760 I830 I833 I835 I836 I850 I855 I860 I865 I870 I875 I930 AND ALL NEXTEL BOOST MODELS and Nascar Special Models

and Lg phones plus any Motorola phone that has a mini usb port.

If you are interested please let me know.

No Charge for now

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:: 2007 13 January :: 1.42 pm
:: Music: The Get Up Kids - Overdue

Well right now Im doing nothing. I have work in 8 hours till 3. I dont know what to do.... Life is going okay. I need a good job that I can get good pay and good hours. Hmmm so I will do nothing tomorrow i guess when i get out unless someone gives me a call to hang out tomorrow. Here's Hoping

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:: 2006 25 December :: 11.30 pm

so here i go into hermit mode and on christmas day too yay.....
i hope everyone had a better christmas than i am. i hope someone can do something tomorrow since i dont have a life and have nothing to do. everyone have fun

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:: 2006 25 December :: 12.03 am

Merry Christmas Everyone

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:: 2006 21 December :: 12.19 pm

Yay work is gonna be great. (sarcasm) well I work all the rest of the days of the week but i do have christmas day off yay.... so anyways i hope it snows so i can go boarding again. so yeah I will talk to ya'll later k

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:: 2006 20 December :: 12.22 am

hmmm i might not be able to chat online much longer since i dont get paid till friday and i still have all my christmas shopping to do lol well ummm yeah so all of ya'll have fun

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:: 2006 7 December :: 1.36 am

Pando at 5 on friday.....
bring 12 dollars if u want to go....
reply if u want to go or if u dont or cant k.....

saweet tubing and snowboarding

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:: 2006 30 November :: 3.30 am

Stupid Monkeys - Cryptosporidium
Well I'm watching Pulse which comes out in a week..... playing Destroy all humans two and typing on the internet looking for some deals on toolkits for cell phone housing.... hint hint for a christmas present... umm yeah not much else going on... work is great thats all i can say have fun all and whoever gets me christmas presents i will match the amount they spend on me.... haha alright have fun all peace.


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:: 2006 26 November :: 1.14 am

dont really know what to write except work is going good.... yep thats really all that is.... peace

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:: 2006 14 November :: 8.29 pm

well lets see
Well I'm not single.... We worked things out for now. I'm working at Blockbuster mainly now. I enjoy it very much. It's super easy also. Umm.... November 28th Superman Returns comes out on DVD at least thats what my boss said... but I get my little employee perk so I'm going to use that... and ummm yeah not much else sides playing Tony Hawk's Project 8 so yeah.... Yall have fun and everything. peace

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:: 2006 10 November :: 8.50 pm

I shouldnt write this but oh well
Well everything has been made like I wish it wouldnt be but I have to live with it. I'm single now and thats how I'm gonna be for a while. well I'm gonna go and play ddr or something thats all I can do.

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:: 2006 31 October :: 4.04 am

happy halloween folks.....

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