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:: 2006 10 October :: 10.14 pm

:( dang stupid job effed up and now i have no offer....gahhhh

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:: 2006 9 October :: 1.11 pm

yeah boy new job.....and at 10 dollars an hour yeah this is gonna rock hardcore......

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:: 2006 5 October :: 10.04 am
:: Music: Something Corporate - Interuption

Well not much is new. red flannel day is coming up and i dont know what i'm gonna do. i dunno. things just arent like i want them.

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:: 2006 3 October :: 2.37 am

ummmm yeah work is blah but other things are good. i've been sitting around when not working. yay me. peace out. Joey

*insert smiley here*

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:: 2006 28 September :: 12.12 am

yall just wait till you see my costume for this year..... i will be the halloween king mwahahaha

but still superman


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:: 2006 1 September :: 10.56 pm

i am getting a jeep wrangler and guess what it will eventually look like

stupid i know but ha eff all you

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:: 2006 29 August :: 10.21 am

work is great i just think i've lost the purpose to go. 56 hours this week....yay for me :(....then i dont get to see her on the weekend so all i want to do is spend 3 hours with her before i go to work and i cant even do that.

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:: 2006 22 August :: 12.22 am

One Year on Sunday

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:: 2006 11 August :: 11.46 am

I am worth $1,951,650 on

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:: 2006 9 August :: 4.44 pm

interview tomorrow. dont care if i get it. have a good day everyone else

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:: 2006 8 August :: 12.17 pm

Do you ever wonder what peoples lives would have been like if you wouldnt have gotten involved? I have.

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:: 2006 31 July :: 8.18 pm

i am selling the following.....

300 watt car amp for 25 dollars or best offer

sword for 50 dollars or best offer

video camera for 10 dollars or best offer

and be be gun for 25 dollars....

please take interest i really need the money

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:: 2006 31 July :: 7.42 pm
:: Music: Doll - Foo Fighters

well i had a great interview..... i dunno what else i'm gonna do for the week. i dont know when i'll get to see my girl.

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:: 2006 29 July :: 4.09 am

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:: 2006 23 July :: 12.12 pm
:: Mood: Eh.
:: Music: Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars

I Dont Know
well i dont really know why i'm feeling the way i have been lately. being nice is just not cutting it for me anymore so maybe i should just be a normal person. then maybe i might be treated like everyone else is. my entries lately are meaningless and unpoetic but yet are thoughtful. why is that? oh well i dont really know anything about anything anymore.

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