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Delusive Perception

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:: 2008 25 August :: 3.10 am

Is it just a dream?
Will I wake up?
or will this sink in
and be reality?

sweet words

:: 2008 8 February :: 5.15 pm

i think
something is different

when did it happen?

sweet words

:: 2008 4 February :: 6.15 pm

I miss being able
to express myself
life is taking me away
I cant be in control
Ive lost control
I need to be in control
I have failed

sweet words

:: 2007 27 April :: 4.06 pm
:: Mood: crazy?

Am I Crazy?
My mom's friend
is thinking about
selling her house
I think I want it.
Am i crazy
to want it?
Its 8 acers
with an orchard
and a barn
and a chicken coop
with chickens
it is surrounded by trees
and you have to drive down a lane to it
I like it alot
It has wooden floors
and three bedrooms
and two full baths
it is my dream home.
I could see myself living there
am I crazy?
cause everyone else thinks I am
it would probablly cost
like 250,000 dollars
but I dont care
I know I could work it off
I know it will all work out.
Am I crazy?
Am I?
I guess I am

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