It is not a bad idea to get in the habit of writing down one's thoughts. It saves one having to bother anyone else with them. -- Isabel Colegate


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:: 2008 6 July :: 2.49 pm

I'm a snot face... and that makes me sit on the couch and try to be a non-snot face. And that makes me bored. Bored and snotty.

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:: 2007 5 April :: 8.58 pm

So I'm here and I'm thinkin to myself:
"I have time on my hands. I have time to think and time to breathe and I'm looking forward to it."

This lead me to think:
"I've been so busy lately I've lost friends"

So, I left Mal a message on facebook to get together. I've decided to show up for relay for life to spend some time with my buddies. And, I called Buck.

I miss my friends. I love how my life is going. I just feel like now I have time that I can spare and I can try to get in touch with friends I've lost.

This might be a good adventure and it might be a bad one. I'm such a different person than I was before. I'm a little nervous that things, no matter how much I want them to go well, won't.

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:: 2007 11 March :: 11.39 am

I realized I have great people in my life last night. Johanna and Charlie both gave up basically all of a Saturday evening to help me prepare for my final lab practical. And neither complained. Would I do that and not complain? Hard to say. I'm just glad that they were both willing to do that for me. Especially for my Charlie who had to be board out of his mind with all of it. I just really appreciate it.

It's a good day when you realize that you've choosen great people to be in your life. (especially when you're gonna marry one of em)

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:: 2007 27 February :: 10.52 pm

Since Dena's wedding keeps getting closer, I can't help but think about mine. I'm just so excited. Not about the wedding part, but about the being married part. Charlie and I talked about it when we first got engaged and said things like "nothing changes, it's just the paper." And, "I don't feel different now we're engaged, it's just a new title"

Now, I think thats a lie. I think about being married and it feels different. I feel like I'll feel different. A good different.

Thats my decision... deep huh? :)

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:: 2007 20 February :: 8.48 pm

I feel very old these days. Where are the nights of crazy drunkeness? Gone, punched in the head and dead. Dead dead deadidy dead. I feel like I need to recapture my youth. I need to go out and have fun. I think Charlie and I should go to the bar. We could go to the bar right? Heck yes! Maybe this weekend. Lets not be fuddy duddies.

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