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:: 2003 5 October :: 1.58 am

I have all of these feelings and thoughts going through my head. I just wish I could get them out in words. It's driving me nuts. I mean life couldn't be better, but I still want a cigarette. Thank God I quit.

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:: 2003 2 October :: 8.18 pm
:: Music: Unexplainably restless and irritable

I'm in one of those moods where I just wanna get into a fight. I'm off to play pool.

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:: 2003 2 October :: 12.04 am

It's great out. Snowing and clear. Stars. I wish every night were like this. I think I'm gonna write this paper and then take a walk around 2.

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:: 2003 30 September :: 11.01 pm

"Strike up the band and play a song and try hard not to cry. And fake a smile as we all say goodbye... Goodbye..."

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:: 2003 30 September :: 10.50 pm
:: Mood: Melancholy

Brandon said he was gonna go. I told him good luck, and I really hoped we'd see him again. What else could I do?

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:: 2003 30 September :: 10.32 pm
:: Mood: I don't know

Okay, now I'm just feeling sorry for Brandon (the friend I mentioned earlier). He thinks that he should stop waiting around, and I agree. But he thinks that to make new friends he has to stop being friends with everyone he knew before. Maybe if we just give him time... I hope he comes to his senses.

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:: 2003 30 September :: 6.55 pm

One of my friends just told me that he feels like he's the only one left from our group of friends who is still waiting for the rest of us to come back. I know most of the group went off to college, but I'm still here. What does that say about me? Have I abandoned my friends? Or have we all just changed and we're moving slowly, inexorably, apart? Either way seems really sad...

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:: 2003 27 September :: 2.48 pm

I don't wanna go to work. There are so many other things I could be doing... Oh well, at least I'll be out by 10. I hope.

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:: 2003 27 September :: 1.38 pm

By the way, thanks for helping me change my journal Jackie. Yay! Lain!

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:: 2003 27 September :: 1.34 pm

So yeah, last night I was over at Jackie's and we both sorta fell asleep until around 3:30. Apparently my mom is ultra-paranoid and called about 10 minutes later. I get home and find out she thinks that I have no control over myself and that I'm having sex. I was so pissed at her. I may be a guy but that doesn't mean that I have no control. Grr... Oh well. It still doesn't make waking up next to Jackie any less amazing.

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:: 2003 24 September :: 12.23 am

I never knew it was possible to be so comfortable around one person. I'm the luckiest guy in the world :D

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:: 2003 22 September :: 9.14 am

Today is so not my day. Everything was going great until I got in my car. Guess what? Looks like the alternator's out. Yippee... So I steal my mom's van so that I can actually make it to class today. I get on 131 and of course some idiot has to get into a crash so it's 15 mph all the way from Belmont to 96. So I'm late for a class that I don't know if I have a quiz in, and I'm so pissed at the world at this point that I'm just going to skip it. Screw it. Hopefully the rest of my day goes better. I've got another quiz in an hour anyway. Right now is when I miss you most, Jackie.

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:: 2003 22 September :: 12.12 am
:: Music: Slipknot

Cats are hilarious. Especially when they sneak up on you. :)

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:: 2003 18 September :: 10.50 pm

It's been a long exhausting day. Work, then a very relaxing break, followed by more work. I just got back. And to top it off I almost got hit on the way back to work the second time. Gotta love people who fly over hills at 70mph when I'm trying to turn out. Oh well. Now I'm stuck with a crapload of homework to do before tomorrow and I'm so tired. Slacking, here I come. Time to relax and listen to music. Life couldn't be any better than it is right now.

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:: 2003 16 September :: 3.04 am
:: Mood: amused
:: Music: Enon "Doll in the House of Fools"

Heh. So it begins. My girlfriend and her friends are hunting for this journal as we speak. I know it is a risk to give out all of this information, but I doubt that they'll find me. Let them try, I enjoy the chase.

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